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Destiny Fulfilled: Destiny’s Child Loveliest Songs

One of the biggest stories coming from the Superbowl was the major blackout after the halftime show. The lights went dim for close to half an hour and everyone flocked to Facebook/Twitter to give their witty opinions on the matter. One of the biggest reasons why people thought the power went out? Because Beyoncé and her halftime extravaganza sapped all the power out of the stadium. I tend to think the same thing – Beyoncé and her fellow girl group mates, Kelly and Michelle, staged a performance that a football stadium wasn’t even capable of handling.

Destiny’s Child has always been one of my favorite R&B girl groups. They ruled the late 90’s and early 2000’s with their hits about getting their bills paid, being independent and surviving through the bad times. Each member of the group may have veered off into their own successful solo ventures, but seeing them together again was a great treat for fans like me.

These ladies have put in years of hard work that deserves to be highlighted. Their career as one of R&B’s greatest girl groups is solidified by their fantastic tunes.

These are 10 of the best Destiny’s Child songs.


10. “Jumpin’, Jumpin”

When the clubs were packed with ballers back in 1999, this Public Service Announcement alerted the ladies of their presence.


9. “Say My Name”

Every woman in the world took heed of this song’s message and demanded that their significant other acknowledge them in public/private.


8. “Bug A Boo (H-town Screwed Remix)”

These women just hate being nagged nonstop. This track makes their feelings on clingy companions quite clear.


7. “Cater to You”

Men love to have their feet rubbed, too. I’m glad this group of ladies took a moment to realize that men need to be pampered just as much as women.


6. “Girl”

Whenever a female senses their girl is going through a hurtful relationship, I bet they’ll refer back to this tune for assistance.


5. “Bills, Bills, Bills”

This anthem hurt the type of dudes who mooch off their women just a wee bit too much. Pay your bills…and her bills while you’re at it.


4. “Emotion (The Neptunes Remix)”

The Neptunes upped the tempo and the funk on the original and fed us this much-improved remix.


3. “Independent Women Part 1”

So what was the only good thing about the first Charlie’s Angels film? This lead anthem. Independent women, stand up!


2. “Soldier”

The North/South regions got a ton of love from this anthem about hood guys who are about that life. Ladies seem to flock to the fellas with an edge.


1. “Survivor”

Destiny’s Child ran through the forest and weathered the storm. This song signifies their career as a group of ladies with the mentality to endure and prosper.

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