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Disney Attempts To Take Bruckheimer’s Final Cut Away

Jerry Bruckheimer has been making movies as long as I’ve been alive. He’s been very successful. So successful that he’s been given almost free reign to do whatever he wants. Well, it seems that he’s been making some poor decisions as of late. His last three movies have all under performed. G-Force, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Prince of Persia all failed at the box office. After the recent fiasco that was The Lone Ranger, Disney is stepping in.

Disney and Bruckheimer are starting production on Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and, as a result of the financial shortcomings of Bruckheimer’s recent entries, they’re attempting to renegotiate his deal. Rumor has it that they’re attempting to not only curb the budget for Pirates 5 but also remove Bruckheimer’s final cut privileges. It still remains to be seen what the final fallout of the Lone Ranger debacle will be but I can’t think of many filmmakers who have been allowed to fail this often.

I guess what they say about Hollywood is true. You fail upwards.

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