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DreamWorks’ New Animated Film ‘Flawed Dogs’ To Be Directed By Noah Baumbach

Noah Baumbach’s career has evolved into something that I didn’t see coming. The director of such films as Greenberg and The Squid and the Whale is directed an animated film titled ‘Flawed Dogs’.

Flawed Dogs is an adaptation of a children’s book  by the title of The Shocking Raid On Westminster. The film will not be a strict adaptation though. It will take elements from other Flawed Dogs stories and combine them into the narrative.

This isn’t Baumbach’s first time venturing into the animation world. He co-wrote Madagascar 3, which I assumed was just a paycheck, and Fantastic Mr Fox, which I assumed was just a favor to director Wes Anderson. The fact that Baumbach’s live action career has been a bit of a fizzle as of late might provide insight into this decision. Or maybe I’m just callow and Baumbach really likes animated movies.

The synopsis for the Shocking Raid On Westminster is:

‘Sam the Lion is actually a priceless dachshund, bred to be a show dog. More important, he is Heidy’s best friend—and she needs one like never before. Living with her reclusive uncle is hard, but Sam has a way of making her feel soft and whole. Until the day Sam is framed by the jealous poodle Cassius, and is cast out by Heidy’s uncle, alone on the wild streets, where he is roughed up by a world he was not bred for. Sporting a soup ladle for a leg, Sam befriends other abandoned dogs and journeys all the way to the Westminster Dog Show, where his plan for revenge on Cassius takes an unexpected turn when he and Heidy spot each other after years of being apart.’

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