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Everybody Wants Woody Allen

It would seem that Woody Allen is still high atop Mount Everest. Sure, the man has had some weird times. Yes, he made some kinda crappy films along the way, but recently Allen has been putting out a film a year. This is no small feat for any writer/director let alone a man who is almost 80.

This week the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro offered to fully fund the production of Allen’s next film, if he’ll agree to shoot it in Rio de Janeiro. this offer comes hot off the heals of the news that Allen has been offered a sizable amount of money to film a picture in Stockholm, Sweden.

Regarding Sweden, Allen had this to say:

We have been offered the money—it is just me who has not yet come up with a sensible idea, but I will surely work it out. I love Stockholm, I have been there several times in private. It is not just about money—I want to make a story and a film that all locals can be proud of, without it becomes a pure commercial.

It would be logical to assume that Allen will have the same reaction towards Rio de Janeiro. Look for the next two Woody Allen films to be set in Stockholm and Rio de Janeiro. Judging from Allen’s work habits you should be seeing them at a cinema near you in approximately one and two years respectively.

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