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Fear of a Black Johnny Storm

The internet has been buzzing with the prospect of a Michael B Jordan taking on the iconic role of Johnny Storm in the new Josh Trank helmed Fantastic Four reboot.

Many feel that Jordan should not be considered to play the role based on his skin color.

These people are idiots. If Jordan is cast in the reboot he would suit the character perfectly. He’s boyish, charming, and charismatic just like Storm. The center of Johnny’s character emanates from the fact that he’s a cocky, air-headed, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants playboy. He doesn’t need to be white. If his name was say… THE BLACK PANTHER it might be a little strange to cast a white actor in the roll. But there’s nothing about Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch that needs to be a white person.

Look at it this way, Michael Clarke Duncan was one of the only good parts of Daredevil and in the comics Wilson Fisk is white. But Duncan had the physical presence and demeanor to embody the character. Who cares if the Kingpin is white in the comics Duncan played him perfectly and his character was completely intact.

Now, all of this may be for nothing because these are just rumors. But judging from this clip…


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