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Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem Looks Like The Acid Trip You’ve Always Wanted

Terry Gilliam is one of the few filmmakers who continues to produced uncompromising work. The  man has dealt with more adversity and catastrophe than most filmmakers and yet he continues to just keep making things. Which in this day and age is quite admirable. His latest, Zero Theorem looks to be a colada-scope of amazingly bizarre elements. Check out the trailer and see for yourself. The film looks like it […]


SNL and Jonah Hill Spoof ‘Her’

Jonah Hill and Saturday Night Life have taken it upon themselves to  spoof Spike Jonze’s Her. Needless to say the parody goes into places that almost everyone who has seen the movie must have considered.  


Bruce Campbell Auditions For All Your Favorite Movies

Bruce Campbell is one of the most successful B-movie actors of all time. With films like Maniac Cop, Bubba Ho-Tep, Escape from Los Angeles, Evil Dead, and The Army of Darkness, he’s cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most famous not-quite-stars. There are some pretty infamous stories about Campbell auditioning and narrowly missing getting some pretty iconic roles like Agent Dogget in the X-Files. Well, now you can see a […]


And Everything Just Got Worse.

Many people have been waiting, with a perpetual wincing face, to see what Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are going to look like. There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is a costume leaked online. The bad news is …..   It may be the worst costume ever made in any comic book movie ever. Even worse than Steel. Why does Michaelangelo have tattoos? And Sunglasses? […]


Guess How Much Did Jonah Hill Make For His Role In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

Jonah Hill starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the year’s most highly anticipated and acclaimed film, The Wolf of Wall Street. Of course the film has directed by one of the most highly respected directors of all time Martin Scorsese. Being in company like that would guarantee you a massive paycheck, right? Nope. Not at all. Jonah Hill was paid $60,000 for a seven month shoot. That breaks down […]


Quentin Tarantino Won’t Make ‘The Hateful Eight’

Quentin Tarantino’s latest script leaked throughout Hollywood last week. In the wake of the debacle the legendary filmmaker has chosen to postpone the shooting of the film indefinitely. After the completion of his screenplay Tarantino sent it to a limited number of  actors including Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern. Apparently Tarantino is absolutely sure that it wasn’t Time Roth. But has suspicions about a specific talent […]


Barbarella TV Show Finds A Home At Amazon

The Nicolas Winding Refn produced Barbarella television series has finally found a home. At Amazon. That’s right. Not Netflix, not Hulu, not Crunching Roll. Amazon. This is a big win for Amazon. Who’s continually attempting to push their way into the online streaming game. This version of Barbarella is supposedly a version of the feature film the Refn was going to direct. There’s no indication on who will be playing […]


Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike Won’t Be Making ‘The Outsider’

The story of ‘The Outsider’ is almost as interesting as the eventual movie promises to be. Andrew Baldwin, the writer of the upcoming Logan’s Run remake, wrote a script about an American POW who slowly rises through the ranks of the Yakuza in post-WWII Japan. The script was so good that it made it onto the Black List, the list of Hollywood’s best unproduced screenplays, and landed Michael Fassbender to […]


What If Fight Club Had A Director’s Cut Without Brad Pitt?

That’s basically the idea behind a new video uploaded by Richard Trammell. What if there was an alternate cut of the now classic film Fight Club and it didn’t feature the charismatic Tyler Durden aka Brad Pitt? The concept is pretty simple but the execution is pretty wonderful. Seeing ‘Jack’ flailing around in a parking lot and punching thin air is pretty unsettling. It’d be wonderful to see a whole […]


Black Sails Pilot Is Streaming

Michael Bay’s new television show Black Sails is a prequel to Treasure Island. It follows characters you know like Long John Silver and characters that you don’t remember like Flint. But it’s got that guy who played the villain in Die Another Day, so that’s cool, right? No? Ok. The official synopsis is: “Black Sails brings viewers back to 1715, when the world’s most notorious pirate captains controlled the debauched […]


JJ Abrams Talks ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

Star Wars has been on everyone’s mind since it was announced that George Lucas was selling the franchise to Disney and that they’d be making new movies. Originally writer Michael Ardnt was hired to write the screenplay for the highly anticipated Episode VII. Well, that’s no longer the case. He’s been let go and original writer Laurence Kasdan has been brought in to work on the film’s screenplay. According to […]


Oliver Stone Leaves MLK Biopic

Oliver Stone took to twitter today to announce his involvement in the new MLK biopic has ended. He has some rather choice words for those involved. His tweets are as follows: ‘Sad news. My MLK project involvement has ended. I did an extensive rewrite of the script, but the producers won’t go with it.’ ‘The script dealt w/ issues of adultery, conflicts within the movement, and King’s spiritual transformation into […]


Star Wars Spin-Offs Won’t Alter “Saga” Episodes

If, fifteen years ago, you would have told everyone that Disney would have bought Lucasfilm and started making their own Star Wars films without George Lucas’ involvement, you would have been laughed out of the room. Now, after the sequels, Disney owning the Star Wars Universe is a massive relief for fans across the globe. Even so, very little is known about how Disney plans on making use of the […]


Hiroshi Fujioka To Return To Kamen Rider

The tokusatsu phenomenon known as Kamen Rider owns a great deal of its success to the man who originally donned the grasshopper themed helmet, Hiroshi Fujioka. Fujioka will return to the franchise that he left nearly 38 years ago. Fujioka’s Hongo Takeshi aka Kamen Rider 1 will appear alongside the already announced Kamen Rider X actor Ryo Hayami. The theme of this years annual team up/crossover/beat down film is Showa […]


Jack Gleeson Rails Against Celebrity Culture

Jack Gleeson, the actor who portrays Prince Jeoffrey on Game of Thrones and Young Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, recently gave a lecture at Oxford University. What did he chat about? The eternal evils of Celebrity Culture and the commodification of public image. While the young 21 year old actor may not be the finest speaker the world has ever seen, he’s definitely got some well excited and thoroughly thought out […]

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