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Paul Walker Dies In Car Crash

Actor Paul Walker is most recognizable for his role as Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious film franchise. Paul Walker got his start as a supporting actor in teen films such as Varsity Blues and Pleasantville. Walker would go onto a highly lucrative career appearing in six of the, so far, seven Fast and Furious films. Walker was riding in the passenger seat of his friend’s porsche when the […]


The Greatest Movies Never Made: Warhead 2000AD

James Bond is one of the most iconic characters in all of cinema. He’s been played by six actors over fifty years. James Bond’s exploits have thrilled movie going audiences all over the globe. Bond currently serves as a pan-cultural symbol of adventure and excess. Bond is one of the most enduring and successful movie franchises of all time. With 23 straight films, it’s the longest running movie franchise in […]


Quentin Tarantino Is Writing Another Western

Quentin Tarantino is, without a doubt, one of the most influential filmmakers currently working. He’s also one of the most outspoken and controversial people on the planet. Well, recently, he has been talking about his next project. About his next film: I can’t talk that much about it, but I will say one thing. I haven’t told anyone about this publicly, but I will say the genre. It’s a western. […]


The Greatest Movies Never Made: Phantasm 1999AD

Phantasm is a cult icon. With the original film and the three subsequent sequels all being directed by the storytelling master Don Coscarelli, The Tall Man has become a cult icon in the vein of Freddy, Jason, and Michael. Don Coscarelli is an intensely interesting filmmaker. To say that he’s prolific, wouldn’t be exactly true. The man usually takes eight to ten years between films, which can be maddening if […]


Day Of The Dead Remake Now Has A Director

Millenium Films, which conveniently had a hand in producing the previous remake of Romero’s classic Day of the Dead, is preparing to produce a remake of the third film in George Romeo’s epic zombie trilogy. Millennium has tapped Mark Tonderai to direct the completely necessary remake. The question is: will Millennium be remaking their previous remake? Or will the actually be remaking the Romero film? It’s like a chicken and […]


Seth Rogen and James Franco Recreate Bound 2 Video

An introduction is almost useless to this video. The video says everything that needs to be said. While filming their new film The Interview James Franco and Seth Rogen created a shot for shot remake of the Kanye West video Bound 2 which usually features a rather shirtless Kim Kardashian. Well, this version just might be better. I know what you’re thinking. Better than topless Kim? Yes. Better than topless […]


MGM To Remake ‘Road House’

MGM has officially announced that they’ll be teaming with director Rob Cohen to remake Road House. MGM hasn’t released much info on the film yet, so there aren’t any potential stars or even a start date. All we know is that the man who brought you XXX, Fast and Furious, Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story, and Alex Cross is going to be remaking one of the best movies ever made. […]


No, It’s Really Good: Scanners II: The New Order

David Cronenberg is not known for launching franchises. He’s known for crafting intense psychological horror films that deal with trauma inflicted from within the body. Cronenberg is a master craftsman and one of the most prestigious filmmakers currently living. His 1981 instant cult classic is one of the finest horror films of the decade. It’s a searing indictment of corporate greed, governmental manipulation and the horrors that are endemic to […]


Cronenberg, Carpenter, and Landis On Horror Movies

John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and John Landis are three of the most influential horror filmmakers of all time. With a collective resume that includes Scanners, The Thing, From Within, The Fog, American Werewolf In London, Halloween, the Brood, Escape from New York, the Fly, and Videodrome, these three filmmakers shaped cinema for a good thirty years. Check out this awesome round table event where all three directors sit and chat […]


Lifeforce (Film Review)

Everyone in the horror community knows the name Tobe Hooper. He’s the man who directed one of the most terrifying films of all time, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What most people don’t remember Tobe Hooper for is directing a little film called Lifeforce. Lifeforce was the first in Tobe Hooper’s three picture deal with Cannon Films. The other two were Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and the remake of Invaders from […]


Hammer Films To Reboot ‘The Abominable Snowman’

Hammer Films, one of the most prolific and beloved horror houses of the 60s, 70s, and 80’s, is preparing to reboot one of their lesser known films. The Abominable Snowman. The original film starred Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker. It was, obviously, about a team of scientists who accidentally awake the eponymous beast. The new reboot will be written by John Crocker (Woman in Black: Angel of Death) and Mathew […]


Joe Carnhan Says F–k You To Head Of MGM

Joe Carnhan has directed some very interesting action films. From Liam Neeson fighting wolves in The Grey to Smokin’ Aces, he puts interesting things on the big screen. When he was attached to write and direct the Death Wish remake a lot of eyebrows were raised. Half of those eye brows were raised because ‘WHY WOULD YOU REMAKE DEATH WISH’ the other half of those eye brows were raised because […]


Check Out Schwarzenegger’s Newest Film ‘Sabotage’

Arnold is hitting it hard these days. While his films haven’t been grossing what they used to, he’s definitely trying to re-cement himself as one of the top names in the action genre. Arnold’s newest offering ‘Sabotage’ appears to be less campy throwback fun and more serious crime drama. In Sabotage, Schwarzenegger will be leading a crack DEA team that is accused of stealing ten million dollars. The film looks […]


Leigh Whannell To Star In ‘Home Invasion’

Leigh Whannell is one of the most sought after horror writers currently working in Hollywood. Did you know that he started off as an actor? Yep. You know the guy in the white t-shirt in the first Saw movie? Yep. That’s him. Whannell has been writing up a storm lately, with Insidious Chapter Two being a big success and Chapter Three already slated for release. Whannel is in high demand […]


Muppets Most Wanted Trailer is HERE!

The last entry into the Muppets franchise was arguably one of the best. This new entry? Looks even better. The Muppets floundered for years after their creator, Jim Henson, passed away. However it appears that they’re back on top of the world with a new star studded cast, what appears to be a great plot, and a wonderfully executed trailer. Sure, trailers don’t mean the finished film will be good, […]

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