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Movies That Should Be Great But Aren’t: The Omen 3 Final Conflict

I love Sam Neil. I love The Omen. I love post-apocaplytic prophecy movies. So why don’t I love The Omen 3 Final Conflict. The Omen 3 should have been the best entry into the franchise. It has the best premise of any of the movies. I really does. It has the best elevator pitch of any of the films. The son of Satan, now an ultra powerful businessman/politician is attempting […]


Will Michael Caine Appear In Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service?

Rumors have been flying for a few days about whether or not Michael Caine has signed on to appear in Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book The Secret Service. When asked, over twitter, for comment Millar replied: Flurry of tweets asking about the great @themichaelcaine joining our Secret Service movie. Very interesting, but only Fox can confirm Normally, I’d say that a confirmation that Caine will indeed be […]


The Fifth Estate

  Julian Assange has been a polarizing figure on the global scene for a long while now. It’s not surprising that a film about his history making website Wikileaks is being made. It’s also not surprising that Bennedict Cumberbatch, one of the most acclaimed actors currently working, is attached to the project and appears to be delivering another sterling performance.   The Fifth Estate is the latest film by director […]


Sequelized: James Bond

James Bond has been around for a long time. He’s been in virtually every form of media. He, obviously, started off as a literary creation and then spread like a virus to almost every form of media know to man. He’s been in video games, comic books, coloring books, Pez dispensers, and, most famously, movies. The James Bond brand is an eternally enduring one. Despite many misfires, behind the scenes […]


Director James Wan Has An Interesting Take on Fast 7

Who would have thought that The Fast and the Furious franchise would become what it is today. Not me. That’s for sure. After the massive success of Furious 6 longtime franchise director Justin Lin is leaving the series. Replacing him in the captain’s chair is Saw and Death Sentence helmer James Wan. Wan has some very interesting things to say about the latest installment in the multi billion dollar franchise. […]


New Mad Max Video Game Looks Stunning

Mad Max is a strange nebulas area for me. I adore the films. They’re wonderfully executed masterpieces. Even Beyond Thunderdome. I’ll defend that flick till my dying breath. This being said, I loath Mel Gibson. The man is disgusting, repugnant and a bigot. I refuse to watch anything he’s in. BUT I LOVE MAD MAX. Now you see where my problem lies. I’m torn between the love of Max and […]


The Donald Haire Dairies #2

  I woke up on the couch.   That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It happens a lot. I have this habit of watching movies, pouring MDMA, via a tricked out eyedropper, into my eyes and rubbing this frayed patch on the left cushion until I pass out.   I’m not exactly sure when I started doing this, but, nonetheless, it’s become something of a ritual for me.   Last […]


Fox To Make Predator Announcement At Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is one of the centerpieces of nerd culture. It is a place to celebrate all of the things that you love about movies, comics, and video games. It’s also a place where massive corporations market their upcoming products to their supposedly core demographic. Fox has a few surprises on their slat this year. They’re going to be announcing an X-Force movie and now we’re hearing rumblings […]


The Past And Future Of The X-Franchise

Over the last fourteen years Fox has released seven X-Men films, with varying degrees of commercial and critical success. Currently Fox is attempting to re-establish the brand that has generated billions of dollars in revenue for the studio. In 2000, Bryan Singer took a much beloved comic book franchise and adapted it to the screen, generating critical and commercial success and arguably launching the Superhero Genre into what it is […]


Short Film Spotlight: The Flying Man

Every few years there’s a short film that seems to blow everyone’s socks off and just demands to be made into a feature film. The Flying Man from director Marcus Alqueres is one of those films. Alqueres has produced an original short film detailing his take on an already well-trodden genre. The Super Hero. The Flying Man is especially interesting due to the fact that it doesn’t focus on the […]


Transcendence Gets A Behind The Scenes Featurette

Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister is venturing out on his own. He’s making his feature film directing debut. He’s bringing to life a film called Transcendence that has a stellar cast attached. The film stars Johnny Depp, Cillian Murphy, and Rebecca Hall. Synopsis: Three scientists — Max and the husband and wife team, Will (Depp) and Evelyn — have been developing a programming code for the world’s first fully self-aware computer. […]


Arrested Development Season 2 Being Developed By Netflix

Netflix is officially  looking to move forward with Arrested Development. They’re currently in the process of gather all the actors and creatives in order to produce a second season. Some were concerned over the logistics of getting all the people back together again, but I always figured it would happen. There’s too much money to be made not to make more Arrested Development. According to the show’s producer Brian Grazer: […]


Fox Looking To Develop An X-Force Movie?

Fox has taken note of the success that Marvel’s achieved with their shared universe of films. They’re obviously looking to capitalize on some of the movie that’s to be made on interlocking superhero films. With X-men: Days of Future Past bringing back most of the cast from most of the pervious X-films people are beginning to wonder what the next step for Fox’s merry mutants is. has noticed that […]

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Out of the Furnace Starring Christian Bale

  Christian Bale is starring in a new gritty souther epic titled Out Of The Furnace. It appears to be a knock down, drag out, brawl of a movie. Bale is starring alongside Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson, and Casey Affleck. The film is being directed by Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper. The film also features Willem DeFoe and Forest Whittaker in supporting roles. Feast your eyes on the Pearl Jam […]


Tom Hanks Plays Walt Disney In The Trailer For Saving Ms Banks

The story of the behind the scenes struggles around the production of Mary Poppins are being adapted into a feature film by Disney. The film looks like the typical heart-wearming, psudeo tear jearking fair that studios release during the holiday season. I’d like to note that there’s no mention of Disney’s known anti-semetic inclinations. Man, wouldn’t it be wonderful if trailers for Bio Pic were actually honest? Instead of showcasing […]

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