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Amazing Spider-man 3 and 4 Coming in 2016 and 2018

The Amazing Spider-man franchise reboot was met with a somewhat warm reception. The film made money, and most critics liked it, but admitted that it was flawed. Well, Sony is going ahead and green lighting two more. Amazing Spider-man 2 is currently in production and filming in New York. Spider-man 3 will be released on June 10th 2016 and Spider-man 4 will be unleashed on May 4th 2018. The rumors […]

No, It’s Really Bad: Man Of Steel

The Man of Steel is the first non-Nolan fiscally successful DC movie in decades. That makes me happy. If only for the reason that we’ll hopefully get more DC characters that are brought to the big screen. Hopefully they will be treated with  more grace and finesse than Superman.   The Man of Steel is an interesting conundrum. It, from the get-go, jettisons everything that I hold dear about the […]

Catholic Church Sex Scandal Film Could Star Matt Damon

Industry insiders are saying that Matt Damon is circling a long gestating catholic sex scandal film that Tom McCarthy and Dreamworks are attempting to put together. The circulating buzz would indicate that the film is: “The highly charged drama is aiming to be an “All The President’s Men”-style movie that will center on the journalists at the Boston Globe — Michael Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer and Matt Carroll, Spotlight Team Editor […]

Arnold To Star In Terminator 5

The Terminator just got a massive shot of adreniline. Arnold Schwarzenegger has just confirmed that he’s officially starring in the as yet untitled Terminator 5, and here’s the kicker, as the Terminator. Many had supposed that if Schwarzenegger was to return to the franchise it would be as the human counterpart that the original Terminators were based on due to his age…and the fact that Terminators don’t age. I’m hoping […]

Movies To Watch Out For: Computer Chess

Computer Chess has been rumbling around the festival circut and I, for one, have only been hearing good things. People are excited about the film’s bizarrely accurate depiction of geek culture in the 80’s and the film’s interesting take on how humanity and technology intertwine. The film’s been generating a really big buzz lately. The trailer is so perfect it will have some wondering if it’s a found footage movie. […]

Tomb Raider Franchise To Be Rebooted

With Angelina Jolie apparently out of the running and, honestly, probably not even interested in reprising her role, MGM has decided to give the Tomb Raider franchise another go at the silver screen. Part of me is extremely happy about this and part of me is really sad. The first two Tomb Raider movies were not good but they seemed like they’d eventually hit the right tone and nail it. […]

My Pitch For The Purge 2

Well, color me surprised. I saw the trailer for the purge a few weeks ago and was instantly turned off. The masks, my friends. The mask in the trailer looked lame and corny. I was intrigued by the plot, I dig Ethan Hawke, and I dig home invasion movies, but those masks ensured that I wouldn’t be making the trek to the local theatre. Apparently, I was the only one […]

Dumb And Dumber Sequel Not Moving Ahead At Warner Bros.

Well, it looks like Warner Brothers has decided that the Dumb and Dumber franchise has run its course. Sort of. The studio has passed on the sequel to the cult favorite Jim Carey vehicle due its sizable budget of $30 Million. This might not be the end of the project though. Warner Brothers have given the Farrelly Brothers the go ahead to seek out other financial backers, studios, or distributors […]

No, It’s Really Good: Star Trek III: Search For Spock

No, It’s Really Good is going to be a recurring column in which I examine overlooked or under appreciated films. Today’s film is Star Trek III: Search For Spock. Maybe this is an extremely unpopular opinion but I’d put Star Trek III: The Search For Spock up against any film in the franchise.   Let’s take a quick step backwards and remember some of the history that got us to […]

John Dies At The End (Film Review)

John Dies At The End isn’t your typical film. That is to say it fits right in with Don Coscarelli‘s normal  fair. The director of such masterpieces as Bubba Ho-Tep, The Beast Master and Phantasm has produced yet another interesting and unique piece of cinematic joy.   This film is based on a novel, of the same name, and it feels like it. The film’s heavily narrated style seems right […]

Stephen Merchant’s New HBO Series ‘Hello Ladies’

Stephen Merchant is a genius. He’s not debatable. You can chose not to like his work because it doesn’t fit your personal aesthetic, but you can’t deny the quality. From perfectly timed jokes, to self effacing humor, to just being strange looking Stephen Merchant is all around hilarious. The television shows that he’s worked on have been instant gold. From The Office to Extras to Life’s Too Short he’s got […]

The Frozen Ground Starring Nicolas Cage & John Cusack

Well, Nick ‘The Mark Of Quality’ Cage is at it again. This time he’s running around with John Cusack and Venessa Hudgens. The trailer for The Frozen Ground originally debuted last August but then was promptly pulled. Due in large part to the fact that the trailer was a complete mess. Even by Nick Cage movie standards. Well, here it is, almost a year  later and we’re finally getting what […]

Aaron Taylor Johnson Might Be Quicksilver

Going from Kickass to Quicksilver isn’t that big a leap. Especially when viewed in context of Johnson’s other work. Johnson’s performance as a young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy is pretty close to what you’d need for a convincing Quicksilver. This story is even more interesting when viewed in context of the fact that both Marvel and Fox have rights to the character and he’s going to be appearing in […]

Listen To The Entire Man Of Steel Score

I’ll admit it. I was a neighsayer. I was a sayer of neigh. I didn’t think a Superman movie would feel right without John Williams iconic score. But that’s also before it was announced that Hans Zimmer would be scoring the Superman Reboot. I’m sold. Well, that is to say, I’m sold on the music. It’s quite impressive. It captures the essence of Superman without actually using a not of […]

Is A James Bond Alumni Going to Be Dr Who?

No, it’s not Daniel Craig or any of the main actors. That would be too predictable for the wild man that is Stephen Moffat and the Dr Who Crew (which, by the way, is my new band name). The rumors are swirling around Rory Kinnear. Yep, that’s right. The dude who plays M’s assistant. That’s who is going to play the new Dr Who…maybe. We’ve also been hearing rumors of […]