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Army of Darkness (Film Review)

The title for Sam Raimi’s third entry into the Evil Dead Trilogy was, rather aptly, initially titled Bruce Campbell Vs The Army of Darkness. The film is a wall to wall camp fest encapsulating everything that made Raimi’s freshman and sophomore episodes so engaging. Unlike The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, the Army of Darkness is takes our lovable hero, Ashley J Williams and catapults him […]

Movie Rumors: Unbreakable Sequel

M. Night Shyamalan hasn’t had an easy time pleasing audiences lately. In fact, one might assert that he’s used up all his street cred from Sixth Sense and Unbreakable and is now just straight up sucking at everything he tries. One also might get very little resistance over that assertion. For years movie fans have been pining for the return of “old” Shyamalan. Everyone just wants to see the guy […]


First Image from Live Action Remake Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service

  Famed director Takashi Shimizu is prepping a live action remake of the globally adored story Kiki’s Flying Delivery Service. I first encountered the story through Hayao Miyazaki’s wonderful animated adaptation. The film has a special place in my heart. I’m looking forward this, eagerly.   This is a very interesting move for Shimizu, creator of the Jun-on series. Hopefully he’ll bring the same attention to detail and enthusiasm for […]

The Substitute

The Substitute

Judging the movie by the poster, I should hate this movie. I find the mini-genre of white people educating minorities to be abhorrent. If I have to watch one more poorly constructed film with a B-list movie star going into an underprivileged school and helping the poor, unwashed minorities extricate themselves from gangs and focus on getting a high school diploma, I’m going to shoot myself. I hate that shit. […]


Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder To Make Superman Short FIlm for 75th Anniversary

Warner Bros. Animation godfather and general creative genius is purportedly teaming up with famed feature film director Zach Snyder to produce a short film to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the man of steel. Rumors persist that the film will consist of a single shot that will pay homage to various incarnations of Clark Kent’s storied past. The list of influences include: “Max Fleischer’s cartoons, on-screen portrayals by George Reeve and Christopher Reeves, iconic versions […]


XXX (Film Review)

  XXX may be the worst  most dated piece of mediocrity I’ve ever seen. I dig camp, I dig cheese, and I’m even able to look past poor execution and appreciate something for the idea. XXX may be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.   How did this thing make money? It’s a poorly executed piece of wanna be James Bond garbage. I love bond, I love spy […]


The Guyver (Film Review)

Dudes in rubber suits will never get old. I simply adore watching grown men garbed in foam and latex beat the ever living shit out of each other.   The Guyver is one of those movies that is best discovered on VHS. It’s also almost a viewing requirement that you smuggle it home from school in a backpack and wait for your parents to either go to sleep or leave […]

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (Film Review)

  There are few cult films that live up to the hype. Evil Dead 2 is one of them.   Evil Dead 2 is a pseudo remake/pseudo sequel to Sam Raimi’s first film The Evil Dead. The film ret-cons some things and embellishes on other.   When I was younger this aspect of Evil Dead 2 really bothered me. I was unconscionable to alter an aspect of the universe the […]


The Evil Dead (Film Review)

  I came to Evil Dead later than most. I discovered it in college.   Moreover, I had an unconventional introduction to the franchise. That is to say. I saw them completely out of order. I saw Army of Darkness, then Evil Dead 2, and then finally The Evil Dead.  This may have affected my appreciation for the film slightly but I can see why people love it so dearly. […]


The Black Klansman

  Bigots suck.   They do. They just suck. They’re the worst.   I love escapist fantasy narratives that deal with them getting their comeuppance. And that’s all I really expected out of The Black Klansman. I thought I’d see some bigots dying and other than that I had relatively low expectations.   I was blown away. The film, created in 1966, is brilliantly crafted, perfectly paced, and surprisingly artfully […]


Panic in Needle Park

Panic in Needle Park   Dark, gritty and brooding are terms that get bandied around a lot these days. It seems like every time a big studio wants to reboot their favorite IP one of those three words is always used in the twenty five word elevator pitch.   The Panic in Needle Park is all three of those things, with none of the franchise baggage. The film is directed […]


The Bond Short List

Ladies and Gentleman, my dreams are coming true. Every single one of the directors that is currently in contention for the as-yet-untitled Bond film that Sony is attempting to birth at some point in the near future. Rumor has it that the studio is attempting to get the film out by 2014. However, screenwriter John Logan doesn’t think this release date is reasonable and that 2016 is more reasonable. Either […]


Jason David Frank is Returning to Power Rangers

Well, it looks like the 90’s are still alive and kicking. It’s just been confirmed, by the man himself, that Tommy aka The Green Ranger and the White Ranger will be appearing in, the new incarnation of the Power Ranger, Megaforce. In a piece for TMZ Jason David Frank says that he’d gladly return to the roll for only a dollar. You can watch the entire video here:


Tom Cruise Is Not The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

A big screen re-boot of Man from U.N.C.L.E. has been simmering for years. The incarnation that got the furthest  was a George Clooney vehicle to be directed by Stephen Soderbergh. Unfortunately, due to a back injury, Clooney had to bow and and the deal fell apart. Well, it appears that history has a way of repeating itself. Tom Cruise was all set up to star in a big screen Man […]


Has Nicolas Winding Refn Lost His Magic Touch?

  Nicolas Winding Refn has been riding high these last few years. Some have proclaimed him the new Hollywood Goldenboy. Refn’s films span the genre gamet from crime to viking to atmospheric David Lynch homage. After delivering his breakthrough film Drive starring Ryan Gosling, Refn’s latest Only God Forgives has been a highly anticipated film on most cinephiles watch lists . However, the film which premiered at Cannes this past […]

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