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Fiona Apple Cusses Out Crowd for Talking, Storms Offstage

Like many musical artists, Fiona Apple doesn’t like it when people talk during her performance. But unlike many musical artists, apparently she’s unafraid to throw a fit when it happens—or more specifically, to tell the audience to “Shut the f**k up” and walk offstage.

That’s apparently what happened Thursday night when Apple attempted to perform in front of a particularly talkative crowd at a Louis Vuitton fashion party in Tokyo. As Women’s Wear Daily reports, the singer began expressing displeasure a short way into her performance, beginning by climbing onto the piano and asking everyone to be quiet, then pulling out a bell to see if the crowd could be quiet for the length of the bell ring.

The audience failed the test.

Other attempts of Apple to arrest attention from the crowd included bending backwards over the piano bench and hitting herself in the head with the microphone. At her most volatile, she reportedly yelled at the audience, “Shut the f**k up!”, and finally stormed off the stage mid-performance, reportedly saying, “Predictable, predictable fashion. What the f**k?”

It is a common challenge at times for even the best of performers to capture the audience’s attention, especially when the crowd has gathered for some purpose other than the performance—like a fashion party, for instance. Based upon Fiona Apple’s reaction, particularly the reported rant of “Predictable fashion,” perhaps the question people should be asking is why Apple was tapped for such an event in the first place—or better yet, why Apple agreed to perform for such a distracted crowd in the first place.

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