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Fox Looking To Develop An X-Force Movie?

Fox has taken note of the success that Marvel’s achieved with their shared universe of films. They’re obviously looking to capitalize on some of the movie that’s to be made on interlocking superhero films. With X-men: Days of Future Past bringing back most of the cast from most of the pervious X-films people are beginning to wonder what the next step for Fox’s merry mutants is. has noticed that the studio has registered the domain name XForceMovie.Com. If you’ll recall this is exactly what they did just before the announcement of the Days of Future Past film.

If Fox is moving ahead with an X-force movie I’d be very interested in where they take it. Additionally, the potential of having two different X-franchises would be awesome. An X-Force movie every two years and an X-men movie every two years sounds really fun to me.

I suppose the question on everyone’s mind is ‘Which incarnation of the team are they going to go with?”

Well, Bishop is going to be featured in Days of Future Past as is Quicksilver. Warpath is also reportedly one of the main cast members so there’s three mutants that have been associated with the team. I suppose the most obvious character that everyone’s going to be pulling for is Cable. Everyone wants to see Rob Liefeld’s be-pouched, grimacing timetraveling psychic on the big screen, right? I know I do.

Furthermore, the obvious character to include in this venture is Deadpool. It might be easier to convince a studio executive to green light a movie featuring the merc with a mouth if he’s not the only character in the film.

There’s a lot of cool potential in an X-Force film franchise. Here’s hoping Fox doesn’t screw it up.

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