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Gareth Evans Has Gives Some Interesting Tidbits About ‘The Raid 3′

The Raid is undeniably a global phenomenon. It’s a film that has been viewed in almost every country and continent in the world. Most notably it’s taken ahold of the North American consciousness. Not bad for a film originally made with a few hundred thousand dollars and a simple high concept.

Most of the film’s success is due to it’s ingenious master mastermind Gareth Evans. Evans is currently in the middle of preparing a sequel to The Raid for public consumption. Of course the sequel is titled ‘The Raid 2′. Evans recently gave an interview where he had some interesting things to say about the eventual ‘The Raid 3″

‘THE RAID 2 takes place two hours after the first, THE RAID 3 would start two hours before THE RAID 2 ends.’

No, that’s not a typo. Yes, it means that Evans and company are planning out the trilogy of Raid films from the word go. Most importantly they’re not doing what Peter Jackson did with The Hobbit. They’re not taking three films to tell one story. Presumably they’re telling one story with three films.

As if the Raid series wasn’t already good enough they have to go and say something like this which instantly endears them to me. The fact that they’re not doing what every single production company and movie studio is doing right now makes me VERY VERY happy. I’m excited for The Raid 2 and now I’m excited for The Raid 3.

Good job, Gareth Evans. Good Job.


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