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Going to Warped Tour This Summer? Don’t Miss These Bands.

The 2012 edition of the Vans Warped Tour kicked off this week, and we wanted to put together a list of acts you should check out if you’re planning to go. There are a ton of bands on the tour, playing from 10 in the morning until around 8 at night, and the set times change daily. Use this quick list as your guide to some of the most can’t-miss acts.

  • Every Time I Die

Long-running hardcore/metal outfit Every Time I Die are veterans of the Warped circuit, having played the tour many times in the course of their career. The band just released a dynamic new album, Ex-Lives, back in March, and are the perfect act on Warped to satisfy your thirst for aggressive metal with devilishly clever lyrics (as vocalist Keith Buckley was once a high school English teacher). Don’t miss ‘em.

  • Dead Sara

Los Angeles-based band Dead Sara have lit a fire in the hard rock world over the past few months, thanks to their raucous debut single “Weatherman”. The song has landed them on Jimmy Kimmel Live, SXSW, national tours with Chevelle and The Used, and now Warped Tour, where they’ll inevitably attract many new fans over the course of the summer. Their self-titled debut album came out in April, and peaked at #16 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart.

  • Emily’s Army

Hailing from the East Bay in Northern California, Emily’s Army are mostly known for their drummer, Joseph Armstrong, the 17-year old son of Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong. The band’s fiery punk-rock music was fleshed out into a full-length album last June, which received pretty solid reviews from sites like Absolutepunk. Look for them to become an even bigger deal after Warped ends.

  • Four Year Strong

The rapid climb of East Coast hardcore/pop-punk band Four Year Strong over the past handful of years has been wild – 2007’s Rise or Die Trying captivated the scene with its endlessly in-your-face blend of traditional hardcore and metal-tinged pop-punk, and 2010’s Enemy of the World further solidified their importance (while allowing them to achieve some major-label success). Last November’s In Some Way, Shape or Form was mildly received due to its dramatic change to more accessible, watered-down alternative/rock, but their live shows are still as magical as they were three or four years ago.

  • New Found Glory

It wouldn’t truly be a summer without NFG on the Warped lineup. Supporting their recently-released seventh album Radiosurgery, NFG have really paid their dues over their now 15-year career, gaining them nearly universal admiration in the scene. Fans checking out their set can expect a high-energy mix of new and old, and maybe even a cover of Green Day’s classic “Basket Case”.

  • Title Fight

It’s been a remarkably busy few years for this Pennsylvania-based hardcore band, composed of a group of kids under twenty years old. Just listen to their SideOneDummy debut Shed, and you’ll understand why Title Fight’s impassioned, emotive style of hardcore/punk has attracted so much attention. Frankly, they have a special kind of talent well beyond their years, and it’s paved the way for tours with bands like Four Year Strong, New Found Glory and other heavyweights. A full slot on the national Warped Tour is the perfect reward for their hard work.

Of course, this is just a tiny handful of some of the hottest acts on the Warped Tour – to find out about all the other acts on the bill (which varies from day to day), visit the fest’s official site.

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