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Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’

Hayo Miyazaki is one of the world’s most beloved storytellers. He’s been responsible for My Neighbhor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, and Howl’s Moving Castle as well as Spirited Away and countless other globally cherished films. Miyazaki has just finished his latest film ‘The Wind Rises’, which is a biopic about Jiro Horikoshi, the famed creator of the Japanese fighter plane the Zero.

The film, contrary to what you’d initially assume, is not a pro war statement. Miyazaki has gone on record multiple times proclaiming WWII ‘A truly stupid war’. The film focuses on the man, not the implications of his inventions. It chronicles what life was like in Japan in the early 1920’s. Some have said that it holds jarring similarities to what our nation is currently undergoing.


The synopsis:

This decade-spanning epic from maestro Hayao Miyazaki is his most unique films to date, inspired by the true stories of Jiro Horikoshi, visionary designer of one the most beautiful airplanes in history—the famed Zero fighter—and the poet Tatsuo Hori, whose verses are brought to life by the vivid animation of Studio Ghibli.

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