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Hip-Hop Summer Album Preview: Part 1

The summer just got better. Why? Because now you have these killer hip-hop releases to look forward to. Today we’ll take a look at June, with further installations for July and August to come.


June 5: Big K.R.I.T., Live From the Underground

Not only has Big K.R.I.T. proven that the historical exclusivity of nuance and Southern Rap is a matter of preference rather than necessity, but he’s managed to provide a few solid club thumpers along the way. And all that has taken place prior to his major label debut.

If you find yourself inadequately stoked about this release, may I recommend 4eva N A Day, K.R.I.T.’s free mixtape from earlier this year, as an appropriate appetizer.

Also, just because it’s fun:


June 5: Curren$y, The Stoned Immaculate

Ongoing legal scuffles with Damon Dash notwithstanding, the world’s most prolific manufacturer of mixtapes is coming back with another full-length early this summer. Keep in mind that if we’re counting Curren$y’s 2-disc Muscle Car Chronicles from earlier this year as two separate albums, then The Stoned Immaculate will be the third full-length from the Nola-based MC in calendar 2012. And the year’s not even half over yet, folks.

How good is The Stoned Immaculate? Well, even with a couple jokers talking over it, advance single “No Squares” still manages to sound pretty tight.


June 12: Wokca Flocka Flame, Triple F: Friends, Fans and Family

Triple F hasn’t even dropped yet and already Mr. Wocka Flocka is placing the album’s singles at decent Billboard chart positions. In the course of his excruciatingly protracted marketing campaign, Wocka Flocka has built cacophonous levels of buzz around his sophomore LP. At this point, having Drake on your single serves as a universal guarantor of gold-level sales and, holy cow, does “Round of Applause” have a lot of Drake. And a lot of booty.

In this charming clip, Wocka Flocka goes on the hunt for a lost love who has fallen in with a group of skeezy European-ish moneymen. Confidential to Mr. Flocka: You might have better luck with this one if you didn’t confine your search to a single strip club.


June 26: DMX, Undisputed

The year is 2006. Americans are sitting happy in one of the three-or-so houses they’ve just purchased with the free money being printed up by Bear Stearns, et al. On the MTV, renowned yeller and occasional rapper DMX performs singles from his recently released Year of the Dog…Again.

Can you take yourself back to that golden age? DMX is sure hoping you can, because it’s been a whopping six years since he released Year of the Dog and dude’s got mortgage payments to make (remember that free money? Well…).

“Last Hope” is one of the few tracks to have trickled forth from DMX’s forthcoming Undisputed and it sounds very much like the highlights from the six DMX albums that preceded it. In the time-honored tradition of ‘90s rappers, DMX has delayed the release of his most recent LP through a series of protracted legal disputes with his label. Even if Undisputed winds up leaving some room for dispute, DMX should earn some points simply for nostalgia’s sake.

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