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Hiroshi Fujioka To Return To Kamen Rider

The tokusatsu phenomenon known as Kamen Rider owns a great deal of its success to the man who originally donned the grasshopper themed helmet, Hiroshi Fujioka.

Fujioka will return to the franchise that he left nearly 38 years ago. Fujioka’s Hongo Takeshi aka Kamen Rider 1 will appear alongside the already announced Kamen Rider X actor Ryo Hayami.

The theme of this years annual team up/crossover/beat down film is Showa Vs Heisei riders. The film will also feature returning cast members from the equally successful super sentai franchise.

The return of Hiroshi Fujioka to the franchise is a massive surprise. Usually, in these annual crossover movies Kamen Rider 1 shows up. But it’s just his suit with another actor dubbing the lines. Occasionally they’ll actually invite Fujioka back to do the voice but never to appear on screen. His involvement in the project makes the eventual product feel like a legitimate meeting of the new and old riders.

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