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Home Recordings Vs. Studio Recordings

The difference between a home recording Vs. a studio recording is the difference between having an amateur or professional result–with the possible exception of professional recording engineers and producers who work with professional equipment out of a home studio.

So, lets say you have Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or one or more of the many other professional digital audio workstations that are out there on the market. Perhaps you even have a decent microphone that produces the type of sound you want to have in your recordings. This is all good news, but is it enough? Let’s go ahead and explore this question a bit further.

A home studio will always have a few things that can make home recording something worth doing. You’ll have the ability to record an idea “on the fly, “the moment you are inspired. Another big reason to record from home is you won’t have to worry much about the cost, since you won’t be going to a professional studio which would charge you by the hour. And of course, by recording at home, you have the benefit of calling all the shots on how things are done, since you’re the one at helm of the systems controls.

All positive things considered, this does not mean your home recordings are reaching their full potential. Working from home will allow you to develop your ideas, but your songs take on new life when you meet with a professional engineer or producer. An engineer will have you re-record your previously made song track by track, making sure that everything is 100% perfect. This includes selecting the right mics, pre amps, dynamic effects processors, mic placement, overall room sound, EQ, and a mix down that gets that garage recording sound closer to radio ready.

From here, the process is brought up a step! Queue the producer. A producer’s job is to hear your song and help you bring that special touch, emphasizing elements of your song that are weaker and helping with song arrangement which will take your music to an even higher, more marketable level.

One thing the amateur studios also lack is the professional grade equipment. There is no substitution for pro gear, although technology is getting home recording software programs ever closer to their hardware counterparts in quality. But no matter how far technology advances, there will never be a replacement for a professional engineer or producer with the musical intuition or fine tuned ear that can make your musical dreams possible.

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Eddy Martinez, more widely know as Eddy Nightmare front man and song writer in the indie electro band Nightmares for Robots has had growing success in the past years playing in the college music circuit across the U.S. singer/song writer Eddy Martinez has been noted by several independent music magazines for his catchy dirty synth riffs, distinguishable voice, and pulsating music that brings people to their feet.

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