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In Defense of Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor

There’ve been rumors for months about who was going to play the iconic Superman villain Lex Luthor in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel. The top contenders included Brian Cranston and Mark Strong. Ultimately, neither one was awarded the part. The individual who was granted the role of Lex Corp CEO?

The kid from the social network.

Yes, that’s correct.

Jesse Eisenberg is going to be Lex Luthor.

While you may be scratching your head and wrinkling your nose, I’m not so sure this is a bad thing. Lex Luthor hates Superman because he’s the pinnacle of perfection, everything Lex wants. And he doesn’t have to work for it. Lex is constantly frustrated by the existence of Superman because it inherently undermines everything he’s worked for. At the end of the day someone can turn to Lex and say, “Well, you’re not Superman.”

It’s like having an existential playground bully who keeps shoving you into the preverbal sandbox.

The change of having Lex Luthor be a younger individual would only increase that tension. It could turn Lex into a Howard Hughes type person. Brilliant, ambitions, and sick and tired of everyone pointing out the fact that he’s young. Age has nothing to do with it. He’s an immensely brilliant individual and he’s got a work ethic the size of New Hampshire. Nothing is going to stop Lex… except  Superman.

Another reason this could be interesting is because we’ve already had confirmations that Ben Affleck’s Batman is going to be older and more beaten down. This could provide an interesting seesaw for Clarks character. Interactions with Lex that deal with the frustrations of youth and interactions with Bruce/Batman that deal with the fatigue of age. What does age mean to superman? Has he confronted the fact that he’s probably going to outlive everyone he loves? That’s an interesting question to ask. Especially for a relatively new Superman like the Man of Steel version.

Knowing Zach Snyder’s body of work, none of this will probably be touched on, but there’s potential there. That’s something at least. There’s room to work with.

This isn’t nearly as bad as the news from earlier this week about the TMNT designs. I’m intrigued by Warner Brothers casting decision when it comes to Jesse Eisenberg as Lex. It could work.

It probably won’t but… it could.

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