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Independence Day 2 May or May Not Feature Will Smith

Roland Emmerich has been on the PR trail lately to promote his new film White House Down. During which he’s been chatting up a storm about the Independence Day Sequel that is slowly rumbling into production.

Obviously the first question that everyone has been asking is ‘Will Mr Smith be in the movie?’ up until yesterday it was a resounding no. Roland Emmerich has gone on record saying that they couldn’t afford him if they wanted him. Now Roland has gone on record saying that there’s a cameo role in the film that is designed for Smith in order to ‘pass the torch’. We’ll see if Smith is even interested in appearing in the film or if the studio could even afford him in a cameo roll.

The cast does have some returning players, though. Both Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum are supposedly signed on to reprise their roles. The cast is reportedly ‘half new characters, half old ones’.

We’ll see what that means when the film actually gets going.

I’ve got a massive soft spot for the original, so i’m all about the sequel.


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