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Is Lana Del Rey Saying Goodbye?

It’s amazing in this age of social media how two words can create such buzz.

The two words in question are “farewell project.” Songstress Lana Del Rey used those two on her Twitter account on August 17, describing her upcoming 30-minute mini-movie Tropico which she has been teasing on Twitter since last month. No further explanation has given.

Here’s the actual tweet:



Since that tweet was published, the Internet has been on fire with speculation as to what it means. Is Lana Del Rey quitting music, right when her career was starting to take off? Is she just saying good-bye to the film, or perhaps a particular season in her life? Did she just misspeak? (Probably not—Del Rey is very good at generating mystery. Chances are she knew exactly what she was doing.)

But what the crap does “farewell project” mean????

The intrigue surrounding this cryptic message is further enhanced by the fact that this week, the singer admitted to some discouragement about the recent slew of tracks of hers that have leaked onto the Internet, adding that it might affect the track listing on her upcoming album. In an interview with Radio.com, she said she had been working on new material “until my record got leaked last week, ‘cause my life is like completely invaded.” She went on to say, “I do feel discouraged, yeah. I don’t really know what to put on the record. But I guess I could just put them on and see what happens.”

So will this upcoming record be the last we hear from Lana Del Rey? My take on it is, likely not. Track leaks aside, people don’t just put their music careers to the side right when they are rising to the top, unless something else is happening behind the scenes to hijack it. Besides, Del Rey seems to enjoy the attention, and especially the mystique, behind her public persona—and this enigmatic phrase “farewell project” is just the sort of thing that helps to boost her publicity. (And obviously, it’s working; I wrote this article about her, and you’re reading it.)

As for the film, premiere showings for Tropico have been announced for New York City and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, but specific dates have yet to be revealed. The film reportedly will feature Del Rey’s songs “Bel Air,” “Gods and Monsters” and “Body Electric.” But for now, Lana Del Rey is choosing to keep us guessing as to what “farewell project.” We’ll just have to stay tuned.


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