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It’s Official: Kanye West Can’t Take a Joke

Rap star tweets angrily about Jimmy Kimmel spoof

Seriously, this guy just needs to calm down and drink a mint julep or something.

Kanye West doesn’t give many interviews, and that might be the best thing for him. Because whenever he does, he always manages to say some strange, provocative crap, and then when people make fun of it, he can’t take the joke.

Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel took to the airwaves on his show to spoof BBC Radio 1’s recent hour-long interview with the self-proclaimed “biggest rock star on the planet,” airing his own video with two kids acting out portions of the actual interview transcript between Kanye and BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.

A lot of people thought it was funny. But not Kanye West, apparently.

Shortly after the segment aired, Kanye took to Twitter for an extended, all-caps rant against the late-night comedian, starting with the following:

From there, the rap artist’s rant descended into derogatory references to Kimmel’s sex life, his “crazy” face, Sarah Silverman being funnier than him, and something about Ben Affleck that didn’t even make sense, eventually calling Kimmel a “manipulative media motherf**ker.” (Apparently there was also a phone call that took place some time during all of this.)

Kimmel took all of this basically in stride, and with a healthy dose of humor, admitting  at one point on Twitter that Silverman was, in fact, funnier. Even so, the comedian couldn’t help egging Kanye on a little:


Hmmm…which one of these two is taking himself wayyyy too seriously? You decide….

Here’s what a lot of people don’t realize about narcissism: it’s really a disease. It must be absolutely debilitating to be so consumed with yourself that you can’t have any sense of humor about your public image, causing you to fly into a fit of rage anytime someone pokes a little fun at it. It must be like a prison of sorts. And the really sad thing is that narcissism is self-deluding, so you can’t tell when you are saying or doing something that makes you look bad—or that when you react badly to a little prodding, you look even worse. It’s a vicious cycle, and poor Kanye is caught smack in the middle of it.

For the record: Jimmy Kimmel did not make Kanye West look like an idiot. Kanye did that all by himself. Kimmel just pointed it out.

(Photo: Jason Persse/Flickr/Wikimedia)

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