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J.Lo, Iggy Get a Big “Booty” In Sexy New Remix (Listen)

As if in response to Nicki Minaj’s massive “Anaconda” booty attack dominating MTV’s Video Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez (who once had the most famous derriere in the world) and Iggy Azalea have released their own big bums in a fun remix of “Booty”.

“Big big booty, what you got a big booty.”

This feels like a batter-up dare to all the ladies currently tossing their lobes on stage – yes, that includes you Mrs. Beyoncé. To distinguish herself from the pack, J. Lo tosses in some Latin and Middle Eastern flavors while still kicking out a mean club vibe. Slick production, strong drums, hand claps, and Jenny from the Block is back doing what she’s good at… making great dance music. With this club banger, Twerking. Will. Happen.

Now, although the beat is banging, J. Lo’s lyrics are pretty sugarless – cliché and unmemorable except for the “Lightning, thunder” phrase (“That’s the lightning and the thunder / You want to meet her, you want to touch her”). Don’t expect any lyrical fireworks (not that you would in a dance cut).

Originally, the song starred frequent J. Lo collaborator Pitbull, but J. Lo quickly recruited rapper Iggy for the remix. Not hard to see why. Iggy delivers a fun swagged-out rap, but, honestly, I think she holds back a bit – kind of covering her ass (sorry, I had to). Lyrically, she could have taken more risks with the verse, even given a more unique take on her posterior. I mean, she is seriously an anomaly in the booty game! Half the time folks watching her are scratching their heads, like, “How on earth did this Aussie girl get stacked like that?” Just saying. Dope line: “The last time the world seen a booty this good, it was on Jenny from the block.”

The sexy cover art features both voluptuous ladies in classy black and white one-piece swimsuits that display their assets. (Makes you want to run to the gym and do squats). Now, Nicki squatting in a pink g-string for the cover art of “Anaconda” was a waaay more controversial image than this, but it still does the trick.

J. Lo also teased the Hype Williams directed music video of her twerkin’ with other dancers. But with all that droppin’ it like it’s hot, I’m surprised this video was not released earlier in Ms. Lopez’s career. No matter; the superstar jumps easily into her dance element like she hasn’t aged a day.

With that said, “Booty,” from J. Lo’s eighth album A.K.A, basically breaks the stereotype of what a 45-year-old woman should be doing with her life. (Shaking her ass, of course.) Ironically, J. Lo did not even want to create a song entitled “Booty,” possibly because of her kids. But once she got her kids’ thumbs-up, she was convinced. It’s a super fun song, something you will probably hear teens chanting in the playground. It has a way of making a “big booty” a very desirable thing to possess. This is the simple beauty of it. J. Lo has always been a forerunner in presenting the curvaceous figure as feminine and gorgeous in mainstream society. “Booty” definitely sustains her legacy.

So who has the best “Booty”? Has J. Lo – who allegedly insured her own butt – reclaimed the booty crown from Nicki Minaj? Y’all weigh in… Then let’s get to those squats. Meanwhile, check out the remix below.

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