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James Mangold In Talks To Direct Wolverine Sequel

It would appear as though The Wolverine is a success. Deadline is reporting that James Mangold is currently in negotiations to write a treatment and come on board as the director. We should hear soon if Mangold officially signs on.

Fox is making a smart business move by green lighting a new Wolverine film. With next year’s Days of Future Past sure to ramp up the character’s popularity I’m sure that The Wolverine 2: We Don’t Remember Any Movie Called X-men Origins, What Are You Talking About will be a large fiscal earner.

The real question though is should Fox be doing this from a Franchise standpoint? Is it smart to rest two franchises on the back of Wolverine? If they’re going to have a solo franchise for wolverine, that’s fine, but then shouldn’t the X-films be their own deal?

Fox is notoriously bad at franchise management. Here’s hoping that Mangold and company are reuniting to tell an interesting story and not just milking the franchise for a paycheck, because we all know Fox only cares about the paycheck.

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