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Jason Statham To Star In ‘Layer Cake’ Sequel

Matthew Vaughn is one of the most interesting filmmakers currently working. He originally came from the producing side of things, having had a massive influence over Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels as well as Snatch. In 2005, he branched out into directed by helming the adaptation of a J.J. Connolly novel titled Layer Cake. The film starred a British up-and-comer Daniel Craig.

Layer Cake would go on to skyrocket both Vaughn and Craig to massive international success. Craig would gain the highly coveted role of James Bond, mainly due to his performance in Layer Cake, and Vaughn would gain traction in American directing Kick Ass and X-men First Class.

Well, J.J. Connolly has just finished a sequel novel entitled VIVA LA MADNESS and Jason Statham’s production company has purchased the rights, with an eye for Statham to star in the sequel.

They synopsis for the book is ‘ XXXX is looking for a beach to land on in retirement, but instead gets involved with trans-Atlantic drug deals, money laundering, hi-tech electronic fraud, London low-lives and Venezuelan drug cartels.’

No word yet if Vaughn is going to be involved in the project.

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