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Joe Carnhan Says F–k You To Head Of MGM

Joe Carnhan has directed some very interesting action films. From Liam Neeson fighting wolves in The Grey to Smokin’ Aces, he puts interesting things on the big screen. When he was attached to write and direct the Death Wish remake a lot of eyebrows were raised. Half of those eye brows were raised because ‘WHY WOULD YOU REMAKE DEATH WISH’ the other half of those eye brows were raised because he’s an intriguing choice.

However, when the studio opted to go with Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey Carnhan was removed from the project and replaced with Gerardo Naranja. Carnhan was/is understandably upset. Who wants to see Bruce Willis as Kersey? No one. But he’s a name so the studio is playing it safe. It’s lame. Really lame.

Well, Carnhan isn’t someone to sit by and do nothing. He’s going to take things into his own hands. Or rather take a pen into his hand and write a super pissed off letter to the president of MGM.

“You had a potential Oscar-winning film with maybe the best script in Hollywood but because you’re a coward and a dumb c— you now have an untested, second-time director and an arrogant, lazy, aging action star that will run that poor kid into the ground.”

“Good luck, asshole. You’re a spineless, gutless turd who doesn’t belong in the business. Enjoy your run as a ‘studio head,’ Glickman. It’s going to be a short one. F— you, Joe Carnahan.”


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