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Knight Rider To Become A Feature Film

You guys remember Knight Rider? Y’know the David Hasselhoff fronted show about the talking car that had the voice of Mr Fini? Well, it’s going to become a feature film (franchise).

Arrested Development’s Brad Copeland has been hired to pen a feature film version of the famous TV show.

I’m hoping that they’ll incorporate the other, more vestigial elements of the franchise. Remember that attempted reboot with Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT? Well, I do. And I want to see it on the big screen. I want to see old ass Hoff in the Fini-mobile and whoever they had play the young (son?) character in the reboot duking it out.

Oh, or they could team up against the team of five FLAG agents from the quickly forgotten Team Knight Rider from the 80’s.

C’mon, Brad Copeland! Don’t drop the ball. We want to see all the incarnations of the Knight Rider franchise on screen together! I’m SURE it’ll make (no) money!

Well, friends, we can dream. We can always dream.



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