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Kung Fury Needs Your Help!

Kickstarter is revolutionizing the way movies are made. The latest in the string of Kickstarter success stories is Kung Fury, an 80’s inspired time traveling cop procedural.

The film is being made by David Sandberg who hales from Sweden. The film is a hodgepodge of 80’s nostalgia and pure adrenaline. The film, completely independently financed, is in need of some help, though. They need approximately $200,000 grand in completion funds. That is the reason that Daved Sandberg has approached kickstarted to assist in the completion of the film. It need your help!

To help back the kickstarted click here!

The film looks wonderful. Check out the trailer!

The official synopsis.

Kung Fury takes place in a variety of exotic locations; 1980s Miami, Asgard and Germany in the 1940s, to name a few. With a limited budget to work with and the fact that most of the film was shot in Umeå, Sweden, most of the scenes were shot against a greenscreen backdrop. Which meant that all the environments had to be recreated digitally. The advantage of shooting on greenscreen is that it doesn’t require expensive sets or locations to shoot, it is very simple and only requires a small crew, which helped a lot in keeping the costs down. However, once you’re done shooting a movie like this, there’s a massive postproduction phase that requires a lot of time and effort by talented visual effects artists.

At the start of this project, David did all of the visual effects himself. As the project has grown he’s been getting some help from friends at times and also an intern who’s been working closely with David for the past 3 months.This film was shot entirely on the Canon 5d, with the exception of the slow-mo scenes which were shot with the Sony FS700.

David has now teamed up with Academy Award nominated producer Mathias Fjellström who share Davids’ love for the 80s’. A kickstarter campaign was recently launched for the movie. If successful, the 30 minute film will be released for free online in 6 months.



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