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Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Against Quincy Jones III

It’s sad news for sure, but Lil Wayne has abandoned one of the most entertaining roles of his career—irate litigant. Earlier this week, the news leaked that Weezy had lost his lawsuit against documentary filmmaker Quincy Jones III (son of the illustrious composer who contributed his namesake) and thus become stuck with a $2.2 million price tag.

This is the same lawsuit that, earlier this summer, yielded one of the most hilarious pop culture specimens of…well of “ever,” I guess. In case you missed it, take a couple minutes to check out this video of Lil Wayne giving the most obnoxious, surreal deposition imaginable.

Lil Wayne’s insistence that he didn’t remember such things as, for instance, how many albums he had sold, or whether or not he actually went to jail, only helped reinforce the image of persistent petulance that formed the grist of the trial.

The whole affair originated with a Jones III-produced documentary that portrayed Wayne as a hot-headed vacuum for cough syrup and weed, an impression that Wayne decided, after the fact, he would rather not present to the public.

The damage, however, had already been done. Anyone who has seen The Carter (again, essential viewing for fans of both Wayne and pop culture demagoguery) would find it almost impossible to disagree with the assertion that Lil Wayne is indeed a drug sponge. A drug sponge with an incredible work ethic and inexplicable charm, but a drug sponge nonetheless.

Wayne eventually sued to have the film’s release suppressed. Since he undertook this action after most of the known world had already seen it, the chances of his lawsuit’s success were slim from the beginning, and when supplemented by his self-defeating deposition, dropped to virtually nil. Now, he’s on the hook for $2.2 million as a reward for his ill-planned efforts.

The thing is, Wayne would have benefited from this whole incident had he just left well enough alone. The Carter is an engrossing study of a mercurial superstar whose talents remain somehow impervious to his substance abuse. It’s a great bit of mystique building for Wayne, and adds immeasurably to his stoned charisma.

He undid a fair bit of that free PR by suing Jones III in the first place, and now that the lawsuit has been slammed back in his face, it’s only going to contribute to the curtailment of momentum he’s suffering in the wake of a lackluster mixtape.

In the meantime, it’s still anyone’s guess as to whether the bizarre knot of contradictions that is Lil Wayne is actually a lot smarter or a lot dumber than it seems.


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