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Machete Kills Again…IN SPACE

Machete Kills has come and gone, but there’s always a chance that there will be another one, right? There’s ALLLWAYS more stories to tell through the conduit of Danny Trejo and Machete.

Well, before get your hopes set on what the next adventure will be, feast your eyes on the direction that Robert Rodriguez and company have in mind.

This trailer ran in front of Machete Kills. It’s obviously not set in stone, but, much as with the original Machete trailer, it sets out the general direction that they’d be taking the story. I enjoy the fact that they’re full on mocking Moonraker.

Man, Moonraker. Man.

If this actually gets off the ground, I’d expect to see all the Rodriguez regulars come back and turn in a performance. These movies are fun, but not to the same caliber that Planet Terror or Deathproof was. I’d love to see another Grindhouse double feature. Seeing as, even though it didn’t make a lot of money when it was released, it’s garnered a massive following and had two successful spin off films.

We can always hope, right?

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