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“The Voice”: A New Contender in the Talent Show Wars?

Move over, American Idol. Watch out, DWTS. (What’s X-Factor, again?) The Voice, last year’s “dark horse” amid the flurry of television talent shows, is seeing a real surge in popularity these days, dominating not only the competition, but the ratings in general, propelling NBC to the top in recent days. The Voice is seeing lots of new viewers, many of them migrating over from Idol (now in its 11th season). […]

The MIMO Interview: Producer/Engineer Tim Palmer (part 2)

In part 1 of this interview, veteran producer/mixer Tim Palmer talked with MIMO about the beginnings of his career, and his favorite parts of the job. In part 2 below, he talks about current aspects of his career, and offers some advice to future music professionals. MIMO: What recording projects do you currently have on the burner? TP: Since the big ‘change’ in the industry, the Internet is playing a […]

Say Goodnight to Jet

Say Goodnight to Jet

For those Jet [http://www.jettheband.com] fans waiting for the Aussie rockers to come off their hiatus, apparently their last show was…well…their last show. Jet recently released a simple statement in the “news” portion of their website. “After many successful years of writing, recording and touring we wish to announce our discontinuation as a group. From the many pubs, theatres, stadiums and festivals all across the world it was the fans that […]

Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs Passes Away

Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs Passes Away

Legendary banjo player and Country Music Hall-of-Famer Earl Scruggs passed away on March 28, after a long season of failing health. He was 88. Scruggs was indisputably one of the most influential bluegrass banjo players of all time. His signature three-finger picking style (known today as Scruggs style), a style he developed himself, was duplicated by thousands of banjo players after him, and became a defining characteristic sound in bluegrass music. […]

The Long Haul: Choosing Substance Over Style

The Long Haul: Choosing Substance Over Style

One of the mantras I drone about constantly to DIY musicians over at my blog The Developing Artist [http://artistdevelopmentblog.com] is that to be successful as a musician, you need to aim to be in it for the long haul. You don’t want to be flash in the pan; you want to light a fire that will burn for a long time. To do this, you need to focus on substance […]

Of Monsters and Men “My Head Is an Animal”—Album Review

My Head Is an Animal is the debut full-length from Icelandic indie-pop outfit Of Monsters and Men—and if this record is any indication, we are in for some real ear candy over the next several years. While Iceland has become mainly known for spawning more experimental acts like Sigur Ros and Bjork, Of Monsters and Men is producing a sound that is far more accessible overall, while still remaining more […]

Album Review: Nicki Minaj, “Pink Friday…Roman Reloaded”

Not to say that Nicki Minaj’s talent as a rapper is worth dismissing, but if she attains the level of genius, it’s in the field of branding, rather than lyricism. Pink Friday…Roman Reloaded (Minaj’s sophomore LP) comes on the heels of a marketing campaign so beautifully orchestrated and assiduously executed that the album itself is almost an afterthought. In the past few months, Minaj has pursued her full-court press with a […]

Rascal Flatts Goes Deeper with “Changed”: Album Review

Apparently, country power-trio Rascal Flatts feels a bit more reflective these days. Changed, the band’s eighth studio record, which dropped this week, cuts back (a little bit) on the uber-production, and lyrically delves into more emotional territory than they’ve been known for previously. Changed, as it turns out, is an appropriate theme, not only for the record, but for the band itself. In the past couple of years, Rascal Flatts […]

Shinedown creates IPad Experience with New Album Amaryllis

Shinedown creates IPad Experience with New Album “Amaryllis”

With Shinedown’s anticipated release of Amaryllis (their first album in four years), the band is promising the first ever complete album experience designed specifically for the iPad. Coinciding with the album’s release, Shinedown has also released a 75-page interactive e-book formatted for the iPad. Titled FOR YOUR SAKE: Inside the Making of Shinedown’s Amaryllis, the “book” features videos, interactive galleries, and band commentary on the record. Furthermore, die-hard Shinedown fans have […]

Album Review: Civil Twilight Holy Weather

Album Review: Civil Twilight “Holy Weather”

Listening to Holy Weather, the sophomore release from South African indie rockers Civil Twilight, it’s simply impossible not to draw direct comparisons to U2 and Radiohead. In fact, if U2 and Radiohead had an arm-wrestling match and U2 won, this is kind of what the recording might sound like. As it turns out, I like U2. And let’s just say I respect Radiohead. So while the critics are likely to […]

Rock Rewind: Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way

Rock Rewind: Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”

Every once in awhile, it’s fun to look back in music history (whether or not you were alive to see it) and pick out some gems. “Go Your Own Way” is one of my absolute favorite Fleetwood Mac tunes, so I found a great live performance vid to share below. Fleetwood Mac is one of those bands that has followed a long, winding road, with a variety of personnel changes, disbanding […]

Why the Industry Can’t Ignore Spotify and Other Streaming Services

Why the Industry Can’t Ignore Spotify (and Other Streaming Services)

Spotify, the social-based online music streaming service, is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Since its arrival in the United States, it has rapidly passed up other streaming services like MOG —and does anyone even remember Pandora?—and the inclusion of numerous specialty apps with the program is only adding to Spotify’s versatility. And Spotify has even bigger plans. They recently went on record saying they want to be known […]

The MIMO Interview: Producer/Engineer Tim Palmer (part 1)

Tim Palmer is one of those music industry pros whose name you might not have heard, but you have almost certainly heard his handiwork. His career as a music producer, mixer and audio engineer spans over three decades, and his album credits include U2, Ozzy Osbourne, Faith Hill, INXS, Pearl Jam, Goo Goo Dolls, Tears for Fears, Ryan Cabrera, Switchfoot, and a host of others. Remember the Cutting Crew hit […]

Academy Of Country Music Awards 2012 Recap: Highlights and Not-So-Highlights

On Sunday night, the Academy of Country Music (ACM) held its 47th annual awards show—country music’s biggest night. Well—at least until the CMA Awards next fall. Anyhow, it was Nashville’s biggest night—oh, wait, the ACMs are in Las Vegas. Anyway, it was big. The ACM Awards, broadcast live on CBS, had several high points, some not-so-high points, and few surprises overall. Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire reprised their roles as […]

Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend May Be His Most Successful Single to Date

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” May Be His Most Successful Single to Date

ITunes and the Internet have been recently abuzz with the release of Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend,” a teaser to his upcoming album Believe. Not only is the single poised to shatter Bieber’s previous weekly download sales record (by more than double), but the song has already generated significant radio airplay which is certain to land him a respectable debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Bieber, like so many teen […]