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Movie Rumors: Unbreakable Sequel

M. Night Shyamalan hasn’t had an easy time pleasing audiences lately. In fact, one might assert that he’s used up all his street cred from Sixth Sense and Unbreakable and is now just straight up sucking at everything he tries.

One also might get very little resistance over that assertion.

For years movie fans have been pining for the return of “old” Shyamalan. Everyone just wants to see the guy who made Unbreakable again, but, instead, we keep getting broadsided by one of the most terrible directors in the biz.

Well, it looks like a sequel, and possible return of ‘old’ Shyamalan may not be that far away. Or at least getting closer.

He had this to say about his initial idea for the sequel:

“I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to Unbreakable for one of the Night Chronicles. It was such a cool idea for a villain, and it was actually originally in the script forUnbreakable, and it was too much. There were too many villains, so I pulled this villain out and was like, ‘I’ll make this the second flick.’

I’ll just say it: the third Night Chronicles movie is what would have been the sequel. So now I need to come up with a new idea.”


When pressed for details about Unbreakable 2, he had this to say:

“On my dressing table, I have a whole list of notes about it.”

It seems like we’re slowly moving towards a sequel to, arguably, his best work. Here’s hoping it happens sooner rather than later because Willis isn’t getting any younger.



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