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Movies That Should Be Great But Aren’t: The Omen 3 Final Conflict

I love Sam Neil. I love The Omen. I love post-apocaplytic prophecy movies. So why don’t I love The Omen 3 Final Conflict.

The Omen 3 should have been the best entry into the franchise. It has the best premise of any of the movies. I really does. It has the best elevator pitch of any of the films. The son of Satan, now an ultra powerful businessman/politician is attempting to kill an unborn jesus and set himself up as a world leader.

And they never actually call him Jesus! It’s great! The J word never even enters into the lexicon on of the movie. No! They call him the Nazerine! How awesomely badass is that? Sam Neil growling ‘Bring me the blood of the Nazerine’ should have been one of the greatest movie moments ever.

It wasn’t.

But before we go into how horrible this movie is please just take one second and bask in the potential that this movie had.

If I had seen that trailer in 1981 I’d have been in the theatre opening night.

The Omen 3: The Final Conflict is a poorly paced, glacially slow film.

The pacing of the film is so incredibly odd it’s distracting almost to the point of being confrontational. The film chronicles Damien Thorn, now 32, as he amasses political capital. The film is muddled and has no real direction. Damien is attempting to stop the rebirth of christ. So he orders all of his followers to kill all of the male children who were born between midnight and six am on a specific date. That’s not a terribly complex plot right? Right. So the movie is all of these crazy cultists being led by Damien to kill babies right? That sounds awesome! Wrong. That kinda happens. But not really. Most of the movie is just Sam Neil bombing around in a black suit. Which would be awesome. But they don’t really give him anything to do or struggle against. There’s never a real opponent for Damien to but heads with. Sure, there’s a group of priests who are trying to kill him but they never really pose a serious threat.

There are literally TWO cool scenes in the movie. The first is when a diplomat commits suicide in a very interesting way, and the other is when Damien commands a large group of dogs to attack one of the priests. AWESOME.

There have been rumors for years that Richard Donner was approached to direct the film but turned it down or was unable to do it. If Donner had actually been able to direct the film I have a feeling that we’d be having a completely different conversation.

The Omen 3: The Final Conflict’s largest misstep was that it didn’t allow Damien to win. He’s the protagonist throughout the whole movie and yet he loses and Jesus (or the Nazerine) wins because we’re a judeo christian nation. That’s it. There’s almost NO reason for the Omen 3 to end the way it does. It sucks. The Omen 3 could have been a launching pad to a new trillogy. A Damien as world leader trillogy. It would have been delightful. But no. This movie wasn’t designed for that.

If any of the films in the series deserved a remake it was this one not the original.

2 / 5 stars     

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