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Music News Week In Review: April 13 Edition

The “Music News Week in Review” is a new MIMO feature in which we recap some of the top music news headlines that you need to know about, but which may or may not need a blog post of their own. This week’s recap is filled with drama, excitement, murder, love triangles…okay, well, some drama, anyhow. Here are some of the top music stories from the week:



On Saturday, April 14, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH will have its annual induction ceremony honoring a list of new inductees. This year’s list includes Guns N’ Roses, The Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Crickets (Buddy Holly’s old band), and Faces (Rod Stewart’s old band). Faces is reuniting for a special performance during the ceremony. Of course, the drama overshadowing this year’s festivities is the news that Axl Rose is declining to come, and is asking not to be inducted as part of GNR. If you want to read more about that fiasco, click here.



After debuting at Number 1 on the Billboard 200, MDNA, the much-anticipated release from Madonna, has broken Lady Gaga’s record for the largest drop in second-week sales. MDNA sold 86.7 percent fewer units than its first week; Gaga’s last release fell 84.27 percent in its second week. Part of the reason for the drop was that the initial sales were inflated by a combination of pre-sales on iTunes and a special concert ticket/album promotion—which means that the second week sales are a clearer reflection of how popular the album actually is. In other chart news (just for contrast)—while Adele’s 21 was knocked out of the Number 1 spot several weeks ago by Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball, she has remained near the top of the Billboard 200, and is predicted to reclaim the Number 1 slot this week (which will also break a new record for non-consecutive weeks at Number 1). Some records you want to break; others, not so much.
(Click here for MIMO’s review of MDNA.)



Major music trade organizations RIAA, DiMA and NMPA (look ‘em up) reached an agreement this week on establishing royalty rates for licensed use of music to various online services and digital music business models. Since over half of the music market is now on the digital side, this agreement will provide uniform rates to encourage new and existing models for providing digital music to consumers. In a statement, DiMa Executive Director Ken Knife said, “Today’s agreement paves the way for our members to continue developing exciting new business models that satisfy consumers, create greater revenue opportunities for music creators and effectively fight piracy, the music industry’s greatest threat.”



If pop’s hottest young star teams up with country’s hottest young star, does it mean double the fun? Apparently, we’ll have to wait to find out details, but Justin Bieber mentioned to the media this week that he collaborated with Taylor Swift in writing at least one tune for his upcoming album. He didn’t say whether she would actually sing it with him on the album, however, or what the song title was. So basically, we don’t know anything (yeah, he’s just messing with us). All we really know is that from the buzz generated, most people think they’d look awfully cute singing together. Anyhow…

That’s it for this week’s recap. Have a great weekend!

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