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Music News Week In Review (July 13 Edition)

While major album releases have been a bit on a slow side over the past couple of weeks, the amount of news about the artists hasn’t been nearly as slow. As it turns out, though, this edition of Music News Week In Review is themed more about what artists aren’t doing, rather than what they are doing. Some of what they’re not doing is based on business decisions, some on more serious health issues—and some things are just plain silly. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean…



American Idol runner-up-turned-international-star Adam Lambert announced this week that he is parting ways with his label RCA over a difference of opinion about his next album. RCA reportedly wanted an album of 80s covers; Lambert, not so much. In a letter written to The Hollywood Reporter, Lambert explained: “While there are lots of great songs from that decade, my heart is simply not in doing a covers album… So after careful consideration, I have made the decision to respectfully part ways with RCA.” Lambert further stated that he is working on original material for a new album.



Honestly, does this record even exist? Sky Ferreira, the pop songstress who has managed for years to stay on the public radar by promising a debut full-length album, then releasing an EP instead, is apparently repeating the cycle once again. Last fall’s Ghost EP was supposed to tide the public over until the debut released at the end of last year. It’s now July of next year, and now we’re told by Billboard (via British GQ) that the full-length won’t be released until 2014. Watch for (you guessed it) an EP in September. Oh, also…the full length, once reportedly titled I’m Not Alright, is now being called I Will. (Will she? Will she really? We’ll believe it when we see it.)



On the can-things-get-more-bizzare front, music news sites (not ours) were all a-flutter this week about the alleged latest promotion from Daft Punk: “Get Lucky” condoms, named after the electronic duo’s hit single. Turns out the supposed connection between Daft Punk and Durex was overstated. MTV News says the condom maker denies any involvement in the creation of “Get Lucky” condoms, although The Daily Swarm indicates the band’s label Columbia apparently had a few made via an off-brand manufacturer as a promotional tool. Bottom line: the condoms do exist, but don’t expect to find them in your local convenience store. And if you do find them, use your own judgment as to trusting them….



On a more serious note, this week seems to have been notorious for major artists having to scrap tours or performance dates because of illness:

  • It’s déjà vu all over again: Morrissey, who called off his entire tour earlier this year due to multiple health issues, is once again scrapping tour dates, according to The Guardian. This time, it’s his South American tour, and this time, it’s reportedly food poisoning. The official word from Morrisey’s concert promoter in Chile: “On Sunday, Morrissey and an entourage of about eight people ate at a restaurant that we had not recommended, with regrettable consequences.”
  • Sir Elton John apparently thought he had food poisoning and pressed through his concerts with severe stomach pain, anyhow, according to The Sun. As it turns out, his situation was much more serious: a life-threatening bout of appendicitis. Thankfully, the doctors discovered the issue. Needless to say, the remainder of his tour is cancelled while he undergoes treatment with antibiotics leading up to surgery.
  • Aretha Franklin has announced a second postponement of a performance date in the Detroit area (originally slated for July 22, then July 27), to undergo medical treatment for an undisclosed condition, according to the Huffington Post. Franklin is no stranger to being sidelined for illness, having had surgery to remove a tumor in 2010, but later denying the rumors that it was related to pancreatic cancer.
  • Here in the states, the dominant music headline all week has been the hospitalization of country star Randy Travis, who was first admitted for viral cardiomyopathy, then suffered a stroke requiring emergency surgery. His scheduled performance dates this week were obviously scrapped. An update on Travis’ condition can be found here.


That’s it for this edition of Music News Week In Review. Have a great weekend.

(Photo credit: Ernst Vikne/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons)

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