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Music News Week In Review: July 7 Edition

Psst….are you awake yet? Sorry to bother you so early on a Saturday morning, but we have some pithy music news headlines we have to share with you because we didn’t get to them earlier in the week. I’m sure you understand—this has to be done. So grab some coffee and get back here…we’ll wait…

Okay, here you go.



So how’s this going to work? Several news sources have reported this week that the upcoming, much-anticipated and oft-talked-about Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side will feature no songs from the Hendrix catalog. The Hendrix estate, which controls the copyrights of the catalog and has publicly opposed the film, will not give permission for any of the late guitarist’s songs to be used.

However, the Huffington Post reports that the film’s producers seem to be taking things in stride, as the timeline for the film reportedly covers the early days of Hendrix’s career prior to his launch to superstardom, so most of the catalog would not have been relevant, anyhow. In fact, the producers reportedly never even asked for access to the songs. There will be music in the picture, however; the soundtrack will feature cover tunes Hendrix was known to play.

Even so, it gives one pause to think about a Jimi Hendrix movie with no Jimi Hendrix tunes. The film stars Andre 3000 as the guitarist, and is currently in production in Ireland with John Ridley in the director’s chair.



The irony in the headline should be obvious: what nightclub refuses to let a superstar come and party? Yet according to The Age, the Cherry Bar in Melbourne, Australia did exactly that, effectively slamming the door on Gaga and her entourage when they sought to have a tour after-party there on July 4.

Actually, there are a few more details that the headline doesn’t mention—it wasn’t actually that they didn’t want Lady Gaga in their respectable establishment, and in fact the club has hosted parties for numerous celebrities. The problem this time was—Gaga’s band wanted to play the stage. The Cherry Bar had already booked a local band, Jackson Firebird, for that evening, and the club chose to honor the pre-existing contract rather than letting a big name muscle the locals off the stage. This, understandably, drew plenty of kudos from the Aussies for the respect that was shown for local talent.

Team Gaga’s response? They basically took it in stride, and went and partied at the Northcote Social Club instead.



The Internet this week was rife with talk that the highly popular Coachella Music Festival might relocate out of Indio, California. As it turns out, there was substance to the rumors, but things turned around quickly, and it appears Coachella will stay, after all, as NBC Los Angeles reports.

Here’s essentially what happened: a local city council member looking for more revenue suggested placing a ticket tax on the Coachella event. Festival promoter Paul Tollett responded quickly and strongly, saying that if the tax went through, he would cancel Coachella 2014 and move the festival to a new locale the following year. The city council member, recognizing his tax would actually cost the city money, quickly withdrew the proposal. So…false alarm, folks.


Those are the news headlines for the week—and yes, we got you out of bed for THAT. Have a good weekend!

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