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“My New Release” Gives DIY Musicians a Hand

If you’re a DIY musician who is overwhelmed by the administrative responsibilities of running your own career, a new administrative service called My New Release wants to help you out.

For all the possibilities the new music market now makes available to DIY artists, one of the down sides of this musical landscape is that without industry support, most indie artists have to handle all their own “busy work.” You have to set up and manage your online presence (including streaming of your music), run your social networks, register your songs for copyright and royalties, design your own press kits, bios and one-sheets, and lots of other medial tasks. And every moment you have to spend doing all this stuff is a moment you’re NOT doing the thing you love most, which is creating music!

And here’s another thing: even if we handle all this literal or virtual paper-pushing ourselves, many of us simply have a hard time keeping up with it. The reason isn’t that we’re irresponsible, but because we’re right-brained people trying to keep up with left-brained work. We’re just not built for this stuff. As a result, it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with all of it, and equally overwhelming to try and keep up with all the DIY tools now flooding the market, claiming to be able to help us manage it all.

So what if you didn’t have to…you know…do it yourself? What if you could have a one-stop administration service handle those details for you? That’s basically what My New Release is offering.

This isn’t a management company, but an administrative services company that can help with all the “boring” stuff you don’t want to deal with. Their website details a comprehensive list of services they offer, which include project release/promotion, song registration and copyrighting, data services (e.g., tracking and metrics), distribution of your music through online and physical channels, and fan interaction services (e.g., social networking). My New Release allows you to pick and choose which services you need and pay by the service, or they offer several package deals. And as their name suggests, they can gear their services around a specific album project, to help you as you prepare to release it.

Now, I can’t vouch for the reliability of this service, especially since it’s relatively new and I don’t have personal experience with it (yet). But knowing how difficult it can be for DIY artists to handle these aspects of their careers, it warrants at least telling you that this service exists, so you can check it out for yourself. For all other details about My New Release, go to mynewrelease.com.

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Jeff McQ is a songwriter/composer/musician with a diverse resume that includes everything from directing music in church to scoring short films. In addition to his role as chief editor for Music Is My Oxygen (and writing our DIY Musician Channel), Jeff also covers the local music scene for Examiner.com in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, and maintains The Developing Artist [http://artistdevelopmentblog.com], a blog dedicated to offering advice and encouragement to indie musicians.

When he's not tinkering in his home studio or blogging for hours on his laptop at the local coffee shop (to the annoyance of the baristas), Jeff McQ enjoys taking in local shows, going on road trips, wandering aimlessly, and talking to himself.

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