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My Pitch For The Purge 2

Well, color me surprised. I saw the trailer for the purge a few weeks ago and was instantly turned off. The masks, my friends. The mask in the trailer looked lame and corny. I was intrigued by the plot, I dig Ethan Hawke, and I dig home invasion movies, but those masks ensured that I wouldn’t be making the trek to the local theatre.

Apparently, I was the only one who thought this. The Purge came in at #1 at the box office raking in a cool $40 Million. Good for them. Hopefully this means we’ll get more low-ish budgeted scifi original IP films. In reality, probably not. We’ll probably just be getting more Purge films.

Blumhouse, the production company responsible for The Purge, has announced that they’re currently developing The Purge 2. It would appear that they’re trying to starting shooting around the end of the year. What is not clear is if writer/director James DeMonaco will be returning or if the film will even focus on the same cast of characters.

I’m kinda hoping that they shift the focus away from the family in this film and focus on a completely new and separate group of people. Maybe a police officer? That’d be interesting. If the whole film was centered around a cop who went out and actually did their job on the day of the Purge.

Someone put me in contact with Blumhouse. I’ve got a genius pitch. It’s Training Day meets Dredd set in the world of The Purge.

A small group of police officers are compelled to carryout their sworn duty to protect and serve, even during the Purge. Lt. Sasha Washington, a hardened police officer with a past, leads this group in a single armored van. The whole film takes place in and around the van. Of course the film starts with our team combating smaller crimes like muggings and attempted rape, but as the film progresses we discover that Sasha knows more than she’s letting on. She, unbeknownst to her  team, is working to use the Purge to take down the biggest crime boss in town. She’s planning to assassinate him. Will she be able to use the cover of the Purge to effectively break the law? Or will they be killed in the process?

That’s my pitch. Who do I need to call to make this happen?

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