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New Mad Max Video Game Looks Stunning

Mad Max is a strange nebulas area for me. I adore the films. They’re wonderfully executed masterpieces. Even Beyond Thunderdome. I’ll defend that flick till my dying breath. This being said, I loath Mel Gibson. The man is disgusting, repugnant and a bigot. I refuse to watch anything he’s in.


Now you see where my problem lies. I’m torn between the love of Max and the hatred of Mel Gibson.

There’s a beacon of hope on the horizon, friends. There’s a new Mad Max film being produced. It’s starring Tom Hardy as Max. Therefore, my love of Max can go untainted.

Due to the new film being released there’s a massive wave new merchandise incoming. Not the least of which is a new video game starring our favorite post-apocalyptic law man.

The element that I find most interesting about this new game is that Max’s facial features appear to be modeled on both Hardy and Gibson. The character in the game looks like an amalgam of both actors. This appears to be a great way to prep the audience for Hardy taking over the iconic role.

The game play looks sharp and cinematic. I’m looking forward to this being released.

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