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New Trailer for The Wolverine Has Some Familiar Faces

Friends! Roman! Countryman!

Fox has finally done it! They’ve setting a movie post-X3!

This is a massive deal. This means that future X films will be able to avoid the awful pitfalls of X3. This means we’ll get stories that aren’t prequels, stories that can actually push the characters, and stories that can make new continuity without the hinderances of the pure mediocrity of the cinematic abomination that is X3.




So, now that you’ve seen the trailer, let’s talk about some of the interesting elements. Right of the bat: JEAN. Fuck yes. Then there’s the color pallet, which looks stunning. Next there’s the Wolverine in the past in Japan. GREAT STUFF.

Then we dive headfirst into not so good. Viper is a mutant? Who has  a snake’s tongue? I’m not sold on that. That sounds like a really bad, super generic idea. Not a new innovation. The CG on that train fight looks like garbage. Did we not learn anything from Logan vs Helicopter fiasco?

If i’m being honest this is the first trailer I’ve seen where I’ve been even remotely excited. And 95% of my excitement is simply because it’s Post-X3 and there’s a Jean cameo.

I love Silver Samurai but he’s so cartoonishly large I’m not sure what to think. And that’s kinda how I feel about the whole thing. My gut reaction is, “why isn’t this super gritty?” The Wolverine looks like the Avengers. It looks like a glossy super hero movie, which at the end of the day it is. However, this would be a perfect opportunity to really depart from what has stylistically come before and do something gritty and awesome.

We’ll see what happens when The Wolverine hits theaters on June 26.


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