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Nine Upcoming Rap/Hip-Hop Albums That Should Be On Your Radar (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of my list of nine upcoming rap/hip-hop albums you should be prepping for. This time, I’m going to delve into two MC’s who are getting ready to drop their first solo albums, plus one controversial kid whose second LP will undoubtedly shock the world.


6. My Name is My Name by Pusha T – Pusha’s potential as a dope solo MC has finally been realized. His mixtapes opened ears and his albums sure did open a few wallets. G.O.O.D. Music is full of A-Class rappers/singers, and Pusha T is certainly in that same category. His Wrath of Caine mixtape was a perfect teaser for what’s to come from his first full-length solo album. We all know the production is going to be on point (Kanye West and The Neptunes have to drop some beats on this LP), plus Pusha is still gonna drop double entendres about his past street profession.  Check out “Pain”, and get your pre-orders for this album ready:


5. Medellin by Gunplay LAY IT DOWN, DON’T SAY A SOUND, GUNPLAY! MMG’s wildest and rowdiest member is none other than Gunplay. He’s always in the news for wilding out in public or getting nabbed by the law for some criminal activitY. This hasn’t slowed the man’s work flow, as he’s been dropping plenty of powerful mixtapes, freestyles and guest verses. Now I’m ready to get a taste of what the man can do on a solo LP. A lot of rap heads sleep on Gunplay, and that’s a damn shame. He may be from another planet (in a mental sense), but he provides dope wordplay over hype beats and boom bap soundscapes. His verse on “Power Circle” stands out above all (starts at 1:16):


4. Wolf by Tyler The Creator – Tyler is one of the most polarizing artists in the music game today. Some people love him for his insane music videos, insane antics in the public eye and crazy album covers. But some people loathe him for his offensive lyrics, foul mouth and unattractive behavior. As for me, I enjoy the guy and his music. I follow the whole OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) movement closely and I love what these young cats are doing. Tyler is a creative genius who does what he pleases without a care in the world. I know he’s gonna put in a super effort for his second album, as evidenced by the promotion and music video he put behind it:



Part 3’s on the way, folks!

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