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Nine Upcoming Rap/Hip-Hop Albums That Should Be On Your Radar (Part 3)

Now we’re down to the last three rap/hip-hop albums you should keep an eye out for in 2013. Trust me when I tell you – these LP’s may wind up being some of the best musical presentations our MP3’s will soon play host to.


3. Unit 6 by Ab-Soul and JMSN – Top Dawg Entertainment is home to one of the most intelligent, most thought provoking rappers of our current time – Ab-Soul. Soulo delves into conspiracies, half-truths and true history in his long line of dope songs. I can appreciate an MC who raps passionately about his otherworldly beliefs. His subject matter revolves around topics many of us would be embarrassed to admit believing in. JMSN is getting together with Soul to release a joint LP that will certainly provoke the status quo and open minds. JMSN’s production/lyrics fit together quite nicely with Ab-Soul’s poignant rhymes. Listen for yourself:

“You’re Gone”


2. Old by Danny Brown – CHECK! I’ve been checking for D. Brown ever since my boy put me onto XXX (he simply couldn’t handle all the NSFW lyrics that Brown was flooding his headphones with). Brown is super vulgar, but that’s what I love about him. He can spit some amazing rhymes and surprise folks with some of the more serious topics he offers his thoughts on. But the usual Danny Brown is full of tales about “Molly,” white women…and more white women. Danny’s debut album will have more of his far out bars, plus it will feature plenty of introspective music about Danny’s newfound superstardom. He’s old, but he’s one of those rare older MC’s who aging like fine wine. I’m ready for this joint.


1. Doris by Earl Sweatshirt – OFWGKTA plays host to an MC who has unlimited potential – Mr. Earl Sweatshirt. I’ve listened to a ton of his material and it’s shocking how lyrical this young dude is. Some of the lyrics I heard on “Chum” required a few rewinds because I had to process it before moving on to the next verse. The former Sly Tendencies has returned from his rehabilitating stay at Coral Reef Academy and I know he’s ready to amaze us all. His verse on “Oldie” outshined his crew and I’m sure his album may end up doing the same. Doris is my most anticipated album of 2013. Earl is going to blow everyone out of the water. Watch…

By the way, here’s “Chum!”

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