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No, Jack White Isn’t Violent, and He Doesn’t Need a Psychiatric Evaluation, Thankyouverymuch

(Oh--and his ex is still in love with him.)

Okay, so tell me if this just sounds silly at this point. In a case of public he-said-she-said, rock star Jack White has filed a countermotion in court against estranged spouse Karen Elson, in response to her recent request for a restraining order against him. The countermeasure seems to be nothing more than a retort and refuting of the claims in her filing.

Among the claims made in this new paperwork:

  • A general denial of the claims of violence (“The reason for filing this response is that Mr. White does not want to be portrayed as something he is not, violent toward his wife and children”)
  • A claim that Elson left their children in his care for 10 days while taking a “business/pleasure” trip to New York, right before filing the request for White to undergo psychiatric evaluation (“One who was truly fearful of another would not leave their children alone with that person for 10 days”)
  • A claim that Elson praised White’s role as a parent as recently as May 2013 (“You’re an amazing father, I’m so glad we had these kids together”)
  • A claim that Elson recently told a mutual friend that she was still in love with him (“I’m completely in love with Jack and I’d move back in tomorrow if he asked me”)

Okay. So the amicable parting of ways is no longer amicable. We get that. But do we really need to exchange barbs through lawyers filing public paperwork? Wouldn’t that discussion be best held inside a conference room, or inside the courtroom itself? Hasn’t anyone ever told Jack White that sometimes being compelled to have the last word makes you look worse?

Indeed, there’s no way to tell who is right on this—not that it’s anyone’s business besides the unhappy couple’s. (Which is also why it seems a bit silly to air this stuff publicly.) But it’s worth noting that this countermeasure was filed by a guy who once asked the public to believe that his other ex-wife, Meg White, was actually his sister. Just saying.

Look—Jack White is an incredible guitarist, probably one of the best of our time. It would be great if we could just leave it at that. If he and Karen Elson are disagreeing about their children, their purposes would be best served to keep it between them and their lawyers, instead of airing one another’s dirty laundry through public record he-said-she-said court filings. No one really wants to see that.

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