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Peggy Carter To Get Her Own TV Show?

With the Agents of Shield TV show right around the corner, Marvel and ABC are looking to have more content waiting in the wings. Shield is expected to do well, so prepping more Marvel Cinematic Universe shows is a wise business discussions.

Agents of Shield was spun out of a short film that was added as a bonus on the Avengers DVD titled Item 47. On the Ironman 3 dvd there’s a WWII set, Peggy Carter centric short film titled Agent Carter. It looks as though Marvel is using these short films as backdoor pilots. Which, again, is smart on their behalf.

Marvel has said numerous times that they’re looking to develop more female super hero characters for the big and small screen. The fact that they’re going with  a period piece is both awesome and super adventurous. Granted the WWII time period gives Marvel lots of opportunities to seed characters for the movies like Baron Blood, Baron Von Sturker, Helmut Zemo, and the always amazing floating head MODOK. I doubt that they’d future that many high profile villains on the small screen but I can hope. This also gives them more opportunities to utilize characters like the Howling Commandos and General Tommy Lee Grumpypants.

The prospect of an Agent Carter TV show is very very tantalizing.

If only DC could get their shit together.


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