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Pop Rewind: Paul Simon “You Can Call Me Al”

When you can put two guys in two white chairs in a sparse, pink room, and use that space to create one of the most memorable music videos of the 1980’s…let’s just say you must be pretty creative. Paul Simon was already a legend before “You Can Call Me Al” (from the album Graceland) hit the airwaves; this was just icing on the proverbial cake.

You know something tongue-in-cheek is up when Paul Simon enters the room with comedian Chevy Chase and both are seated—and Chevy Chase proceeds to “sing” Simon’s vocals throughout the video. From there, the sequence of events ranges from the monotonous to the ridiculous, and still they somehow manage to keep our attention riveted to the screen. Not to mention the song is extremely catchy. The whole experience is fun, whimsical, nonsensical, and hugely entertaining—even after all these years.

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Tim Ferrar's interest in pop and rock started as a child, listening to Top-40 radio for hours on end while playing air guitar in his bedroom. Eventually air guitar led to electric guitar, and Tim began playing in bands and writing his own songs. With an admitted weakness for "a great hook or a great guitar riff," Tim's musical tastes are broad and varied, ranging from Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga on the pop side to Bon Jovi and Foo Fighters on the rock side- making him the ideal guy to cover our Rock and Pop categories. By day, Tim is a mild-mannered accountant in Chicago. By night, he rocks out on electric guitar in a cover band in various clubs around town- much to the surprise of some of his clients.

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