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Prometheus 2 To Be Written By Jack Paglen

Prometheus was Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction. The trailers looked beautiful, the cast was impressive, and the fact that it was a prequel to Alien got people even more excited. The movie was release and…. Well, it had some flaws.

I love Prometheus. It’s not a movie for everyone. I understand that. It’s a complicated film that is at times deliberately obstinant. It forces the audience to connect the dots. It’s a movie that almost so smart it laps itself and becomes stupid again. It also just has some logistical issues.

The news that the Prometheus sequel is actually moving ahead is great, in my opinion. I loved the first one and am extremely excited to see where the franchise goes. I’m a little shocked that it’s moving ahead so quickly. I assumed that we’d be sitting in Studio Limbo for at least another year or so.

Jack Paglen the writer behind next year’s Transcendence, which is being directed by Christopher Nolan’s Director of Photography Wally Pfister. Transcendence is reported to cover the topics of:

“Two leading computer scientists work toward their goal of Technological Singularity, as a radical anti-technology organization fights to prevent them from creating a world where computers can transcend the abilities of the human brain.”

Transcendence is starring Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, and Kate Mara. Here’s hoping that the Prometheus film will do half as well with their casting. At this point both Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are expected to reprise their roles as Shaw and David. I’m hoping that they don’t add any other human characters.

I’d like to see the Prometheus sequel set on the Engineer’s home world with Rapace and Fassbender being the only humans in the cast. The rest of the cast would be practical effect suit actors.

If I were asked to pitch for the film, I’d say that the film happens a few hundred years in the future. Shaw, having gone into cryosleep, awakens to find that she’s slept for a hundred and fifty years. Similar to what Ripely goes through in Aliens. Shaw is woken up by the ship because they’re about to collide into a planet. Shaw and David aren’t sure if the planet is the Engineer home world or just an inhabitable asteroid.

They spend the first act of the movie traveling around discovering various things about the world that lead them to believe that this is indeed the Engineer’s homeworld. But where are the Engineers? Why is there almost no life on this planet? The first act climax is that Shaw and David discover a badly wounded Engineer. He’s dying. He needs their help to get back to his base. Abruptly, they’re attacted by shadowy creatures. They fight them off and flee back to the Engineers base. A rundown military outpost that has a few survivors dwelling within it. It’s here that Shaw and David discover that in the time that it took them to reach the Engineer home world the Deakens, the creatures from the end of Prometheus, and the Xenomorphs, the Aliens from the previous franchise, are both swarming throughout the galaxy. They’re both engaged in a species war for dominace of the galaxy. Not like Star Wars style war. Like two waring tribes of Ants.

Here, on the Engineers’ home world, the Engineers have been caught in the middle and are almost extinct. The second act climax is that Shaw and David learn that the Engineers were in fact someway responsible for all of this. Shaw then takes David’s severed head and attaches it to a Deaken King, because if the Aliens run on a Queen/Hive basis then the Deakens should be the opposite. After doing this Shaw can communicate with the Deakens and learns even more secrets about the Engineers and decides work with the Deaken’s to overthrow the Engineers. The third act would be a massive three-way war.

I haven’t figured out the answers to the questions that Prometheus asks, obviously. But this would be an interesting framework to drape those questions on. Lots of action, which is something that many people felt the first one was lacking, lots of Aliens, which is something that people wanted, but continuing down the line of who are the Engineers and why did they create us? What is our purpose? So on and so forth.


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