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Rambo: The Television Series?

Word on the street is that the iconic Rambo franchise is being developed for television.

Entertainment One and Nu Image have entered into a partnership in order to develop the Rambo series for television. The best part about this already wonderful news is that Sylvester Stallone is in talks to sign on to be a creative consultant and potentially star in the series. Right now no network is currently attached and many of the moving pieces are still up in the air. There are many variables that could fundamentally alter the shape of this series that have yet to be put into place.

One would hope that the series does, in fact, star Stallone. I’m tired of the whole legacy angle. Nobody wants to see ‘John Rambo Jr’ with special guest appearances from John Rambo. One would hope that the show has a 70’s Hulk vibe to it. John Rambo could be wanter across the U.S. getting embroiled in minor scrapes here and there. It’d be a fun departure from the larger stories that the films have been telling.

The sequel to the last Rambo film which was aptly titled…”Rambo” has been stuck in development since the last installment’s release. Perhaps taking the franchise to TV would be the most positive avenue.

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