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Ridley Scott Is Irrelevant

Ridley Scott has been the reigning overlord of the movie industry for almost thirty years. He’s been haled as a visionary director and one of the last true auteurs in western cinema. He’s created some of the most important films of this century. He’s an uncompromising man with an uncompromising view on narrative. And now… he’s old.

Ridley Scott is so very, very old.

Ridley Scott has officially stepped over the threshold into non-relevance. He’s a man who has had his time in the sun, been the center of attention, experienced what it’s like to be the life of the party, and now… he’s over stayed his welcome. He’s lost his touch.

Sure, Ridley Scott is 76. Sure his last two movies Prometheus and The Counselor  weren’t great. But those aren’t tells. Those missteps don’t make him old. They don’t necessarily indicate the the master craftsman’s skills have decreased.

Exodus: Gods and Kings. A story about men two thousand plus years ago with two white actors playing the leads. That’s what makes him old. That’s what officially puts him out of touch. When are we going to stop putting white people in time periods and cultures that they weren’t in? It’s Egypt. It’s AFRICA. How many thousands of years ago? Two. Two thousand years ago. And we still buy two white dudes? C’mon people. We’ve got to hold filmmakers to a higher standard.

One would have assumed that the uncompromising genius of Ridley Scott, the man who has delivered Blade Runner and Alien to the world, would care about such things. Apparently, he doesn’t. Or there’s just too much money on the line. Which you’d think a man of Scott’s statue wouldn’t care about. If he can strong arm the powers that be into giving him $200,000,00 for Prometheus, you’d think he could get the powers that be to give him half that to make a Ten Commandments movie…. with some people in it that aren’t white. You’d think.

You’d be wrong, apparently. You’d be really wrong.

Either way, Ridley Scott doesn’t matter anymore. He’s old, out of touch, and should probably hang up his hat before he makes something even more embarrassing.


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