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Rocky Spinoff ‘Creed’ Could Be The Best Sequel Ever

I love Rocky. I love the Rocky films. I always will. They’re great. They know exactly what they need to do and they do it. Well, all accept Rocky V, but we can forgive and forget, right? Right? Ok, we’ll hate Rocky V forever.

Well, Ryan Coogler and his Fruitville Station leading man Michael B Jordan are in line to create a spinoff to the Rocky franchise. It’s going to be called Creed and Jordan will be playing the grandson of Apollo Creed. Jordan’s character will be raised in privilege and supposedly have a chip on his shoulder. When his family discourages him to delve into a boxing career he seeks guidance elseqhere. ENTER: ROCKY BALBOA.

It almost sounds too good to be true.

Ryan Coogler will be co-writing and directing and Jordan is currently in talks to star. With Stallone reprising his iconic role you really can’t go wrong. Unless they ‘Alien Vs Predator’ this film I have very high expectations.

Rocky sequel? Yes. Rocky Spinoff? Yes. African American Protagonist? Yes. I’m all about everything that is happening. This film just skyrocketed to the top of my “Oh, Shit! I Can’t Wait To See That’ list.


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