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Rumor Mill: Bryce Dallas Howard to star in Jurassic Park 4


Well, it seems that there’s more Jurassic Park news.

After actor Sam Neil suggested that the next installment could be a “a big reboot, a total re-jig” reports are coming in that Bryce Dallas Howard and David Oyelowo are taking starring roles. Supposedly these roles would fit onto a team of adventurers who are going to the park as it opens.

It’s been suggested by some that this would be a soft reboot, i.e. retaining the continuity of the first three films and just telling an original story. If that is the direction that Universal is heading in with this project god bless them. That seems like the exact perfect thing to do.

You gain the name recognition and the built in audience and you get to tell a new story that isn’t just a highlight real of Spielberg homages.


I, for one, would love to see Howard tie down a massive franchise like this. She was critically and borderline criminally underused in Terminator: Salvation. Then again, what wasn’t criminal about Terminator: Salvation. She’d be a great leading star for a franchise that needs some help.

Now if we can just get either Jeff Goldblum or Sam Neil back to play some sort of Professor X-esque roll we’ll be off to the races.


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